How to promote your company’s new product


You’d be amazed by how many companies fail to show off their latest product. Of course, they tell people about it, but they don’t go the extra length to really promote it. As a company, you won’t always be in a situation to enjoy the benefits of having something new to promote. It’s an exciting time, and a chance to gain lots of new custom from buyers and clients alike. If you don’t take advantage now, you’ll be putting the future of your business at risk. So, let’s go through a few ways in which you can promote that brand-new product, getting it into the public eye for relatively little cost.

Word Of Mouth

If you’ve got something to brag about, don’t be afraid to shout about it! This opportunity doesn’t come along every day. Tell people about your business and the new, exciting product that you’ve got in store. Ask your friends to tell their friends about it. Don’t be scared to ask people to pass the word around. There’s no better way to get people talking, especially if it’s a product or service that the general public will be interested in. Get working on those communication skills; you’re going to need them.

Press Releases

Don’t underestimate the importance of sending out press releases. They don’t take much effort at all to put together but reach a huge audience. Seek the assistance of a press release service company that can distribute to a wider range of people. This way, your new product will be seen by thousands of potential clients and customers. Keep your press release to the point and professionally written. You want some high-quality images in there, and a link to a professional produced video wouldn’t go amiss.

Social Media

If you aren’t promoting your new product on social media, what ARE you doing with it? Maybe you haven’t got a social media page set up just yet? Well, it’s definitely time to start. Not only are you missing out on a potential way to promote your business in general, but it’s a great way to generate some hype. Create a post about your new product and how people can obtain it. Tell them what’s so good about it, and why it should be a crucial purchase for them. You could even pay a bit of money to reach a bigger audience with Facebook marketing.


Speaking of video, in today’s digital world, creating one could be of huge benefit to your company. While we’re used to seeing adverts at 3 am in the morning on those home shopper channels, now we’ve got the power at our fingertips to do whatever we want. All you need to create something engaging is some professional equipment and a good idea. Put it on YouTube, emblaze it across your website and promote it on social media. Make sure it looks professional or it could have the exact opposite effect. If it’s quirky enough, you may even find that it goes viral!

Leaflets & Brochures

While word of mouth is a good way of grabbing attention, people normally want some solid material to take away with them. It’s not always easy to remember the name of your product, so having it on a leaflet with some basic facts can be very useful. You can also go round local businesses and homes posting them through the letterbox, or simply giving them out on the street. Always keep some at hand in case the opportunity presents itself to give one out.

Create An App

Woah, don’t get scared now! Creating an app doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds. There are plenty of companies out there who are willing to help you with this. Get inventive, and create a new game or puzzle based around your new product. Reward those who can answer questions about your new offering with discounts or something similar. Whatever you can do to draw attention is going to pay off in the long run.

For something as simple as promoting a new product, it’s amazing how many different ways you can go about it. The best companies out there will incorporate as many of these ideas as possible. They’ll also think outside the box, implementing new techniques to get ahead of the competition. At the end of the day, I can’t tell you what will work in your situation. Instead, plan ahead and make informed decisions based on what you believe will bring you success. You’ve put in a lot of work to get to this stage; promote that work effectively.

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