How to get more people to like your Facebook page

I’m a member of the British Mummy Bloggers’ Mums in Business forum, and a few weeks ago Jenny of Laughing Lamb Creations how she could promote her online business for free.  I suggested blogging, building a mailing list by giving away a free e-book, getting a Facebook Page, using Twitter and maybe even YouTube.

She said she already had a Facebook page, but how could she get more people the like it? That’s what gave me the idea for this post.

First though I’ll explain what a Facebook page actually is. Facebook profiles are for people – these have things like photos, personal information and friends that are linked to the profile. Facebook pages are for organisations or projects, rather than people. And pages have ‘likers’ rather than friends. If you take a look at Business Plus Baby’s Facebook page, you’ll see the people who like it on the left and a ‘Like’ button at the top that you can click to like the page yourself (you’ll need to have a Facebook profile to do this).

The challenge for Facebook page owners is to get people to click the ‘like’ button. Here are some ways you could do this… Continue reading “How to get more people to like your Facebook page”

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