Getting the best deal on office supplies when you work at home

Work at home businesses are usually run on a shoestring, so if there’s a way to save money on business expenses we’re all over it!

If you spend most of your time at a computer, you might think you don’t spend much on office supplies because you don’t get through much stationary. But office supplies include things like printer cartridges, laminators, calculators, mobile phone accessories and many other things you need to get your work done. And all that can add up over time.

So here are some tips for getting the best deal on office supplies when you run a work at home business:

Bulk savings

True, you can’t buy huge packs of envelopes the way a much larger business would, but with a little planning you may find you can save, even if that’s just on postage. Providing you’ve got the space to store supplies, you could buy (say) a year’s worth of printer paper in one go. You could even get together with another home worker, buy in bulk and then split the cost and the items between you. Continue reading “Getting the best deal on office supplies when you work at home”

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