When WAHMs leave home…

Just because you’re a work at home mum, that doesn’t mean you have to work at home all the time! Today’s guest blogger Sam Title, Dad of two from Toronto, Canada is here to tell us about a great alternative. Over to you Sam…

It’s quite an inspiration seeing mompreneurs sharing tips or “secrets to success” that allow you to juggle your roles as busy moms and business professionals. Many of those secrets may involve time management tricks, multitasking skills, and likely include establishing an important system of support on which you know you can always rely.

Truth is, there’s another secret encompassing a lot of those things I just mentioned – and it’s still unknown to many mompreneurs who already make it part of their day-to-day existence, and ultimately count it as crucial to their incredible achievements.

The secret I’m talking about is an international phenomenon – and represents a community that you may or may not be a member of. It’s a quiet subculture of the mompreneur movement, as well as other specialized groups of professionals. Continue reading “When WAHMs leave home…”

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