Can you change your mindset? Yes you can!


smart-725843_640Sometimes, the main obstacle between where we are and success is our mindset. Yet many of us think it’s impossible to change the way we feel. You may even think that by changing your mind you’re being weak or indecisive.

From childhood, there are many stories we tell ourselves as we absorb everything¬†around us. For example, we might believe that our siblings are older, wiser, and smarter, and that we simply cannot match up with their intelligence. Or there may be a mindset of ‘thinking¬†small’ because we think that people like us don’t achieve big things.

We all want our children to succeed, but with the best will in the world we can pass on our limiting beliefs about the world and out place in it. By working on our growth mindset, we can move beyond some of the beliefs and habits we have accumulated in our lives so far and prevent our less positive habits from being passed on to our kids. Continue reading “Can you change your mindset? Yes you can!”

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