Nine Things About Me

The other day I was tagged by Nicki Cawood of Curly and Candid on the Three By Nine meme. This is a nice quick and easy one – all you have to do is give three answers to each of the nine questions, so here are mine!

Three names I go by: Helen, Mummy, Hel
Three things I’ve lived: Bedford, Derby, Hong Kong
Three places I’ve worked: Capita IT Services, University of Derby Student Union, all over the place as a freelancer
Three things I love to watch: My kids, my computer (I know, I should get out more), something really good at the theatre.
Three places I have been and love: Whitby (North Yorks), Rila Mountains in the snow (Bulgaria), Scottish Highlands (apart from the midges!)
Three people that email me regularly: Antonia Chitty, my mum, hordes of internet marketers.
Three things I love to eat: Chinese food, chocolate, these days pretty much anything as long as it’s quick!
Three people I think will respond: Not a clue!
Three things I am looking forward to: Watching my kids grow, launching my e-course Earn What You Deserve as a Mumpreneur and whatever else the future brings.

So big thanks to Nicki for thinking of me…here are the three blogs I’m passing this meme on to…

Sam Thewlis at Mumazing, Sam and Helen at Mums The Blog and Erica, Antonia and Carol at Become a Mumpreneur

Photo: Rila Monastery, Bulgaria taken by me (just for a change!)

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