Starting a manufacturing business, what do you need?

Have you ever thought about becoming a manufacturer? You might have come up with an idea for a product that you know people will want and now you’re wondering whether you can make and sell it yourself. This happens a lot to moms, particularly if they’re a new parent. They start to think, “gee I wish I could buy that.” There was an old Simpsons episode revolving around a device that could translate what babies were saying. Now, you can buy an app that does just that. But it didn’t come from nowhere. That idea came from a mom who was tired of wondering what giggles and gurgles meant. Of course starting a manufacturing business is more than just creating an app. It’s about setting up an entire company to create and manufacture a product. If you are thinking about becoming a manufacturer, that’s the place to begin.


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Although the idea of producing and creating your own original product is exciting, it’s not your only option. You can manufacture a product that already has a strong commercial value on the market. There is less risk by doing this but also a reduced chance of making huge profits. If you can create an original product, you will have no competition on the marketplace. However, if you’re producing an already established product you will have a great deal of competitors. This is certainly something that you should think about carefully. Also, you should understand that even if you create what you think is an original concept you may still have competition. It doesn’t take long for another producer to come up with a similar design idea to yours.

How Big Is Your Business?

We recommend starting off by keeping your business small. There is no reason you shouldn’t begin making your product in the comfort of your home. You can make them by yourself or hire a few workers to help you. This will, of course, depend on how complex the manufacturing process is. But, if it’s a small product that doesn’t require the use of machinery, you can keep it a home run business. At least, at first. You can even handle the sale of the product yourself. All this requires is setting up a website with a shopping template. By using a service like PayPal, you can make sure customers can buy your product directly from you with ease. Setting up a small manufacturing business like this will only take a couple of months. But what if you want to think bigger?

Expanding The Idea

If you’re looking to expand your business, your first step is to get the funding. There are a few different routes to take here. You can get a loan from the government. Your local government might be willing to invest in your business if they think it has a good chance at success. This usually means that it has commercial value and it will if you’re producing an original product. But, you will have to show your business strategy and demonstrate and how you hope to become profitable.

Failing this, you can try crowdsourcing. If you plan on manufacturing a product that you know a lot of people will want, it’s not a bad idea to advertise before it’s made. By doing this, you can drum up support and get people excited. It’s a great way to ensure that your business is noticed, but you’ll have to do everything you can to get followers. This includes using every social media account you can think of. Once you have done this, you may have the support you need to get funded.

You may also want to try attending a trade show. Again, if what you are producing is marketable, you might attract the interest of investors. They’ll be willing to fund your company for you by taking on shares in your company. You’ll have to share your profits, but you will get your business set up and established quickly.

Your last option is to take out a private business loan. This is the riskiest option as you are taking on all the financial risk. It’s a dangerous path to take, and you must make sure that you will be able to pay back whatever you borrow. Otherwise, you’re essentially gambling.



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Setting Up Contacts

Once you have got the funds, it’s time to set up all the contacts that you need. You’re going to need to buy machinery and equipment from a reliable source. It’s crucial that you can count on the tech you’re using to make the product without any issues. An issue with your machinery can lead to you losing a lot of money within days. You won’t be able to provide the products for the orders that you receive. That’s why it’s also a good idea to have a company on call that you can count on for spare parts. If a piece of tech breaks down, it’s usually a case of replacing something as small as a bearing. Bearing suppliers will ensure you have all the parts and pieces that you need without delay.

You’re also going to have to think about supply. Your product is made up of different materials that you need to purchase in bulk. When purchasing the materials, make sure you wait until the price is low. By doing this, you’ll save on business costs. Don’t forget to hire a lawyer and make sure they handle all of your business contracts. That way you can guarantee that they will be upheld, and you won’t be out of pocket.

Opening Up Shop

Finally, you’re ready to put your product on the market. But, like any other business you’re going to need to market it and catch the interest of people willing to buy. This might be shops and stores or consumers buying straight from you. Either way, it’s important to start investing in online marketing such as SEO. By doing this, you can guarantee there is demand for your product and you find success on the market as a new manufacturer.


Must read advice for anyone starting a manufacturing business

There are many great small business ideas out there, one of which is to start a manufacturing company. The manufacturing industry can be vast and scary so here’s some advice to help you get started:

Pick Something To Manufacture

Manufacturing businesses don’t make everything they can think of; that would be silly. They usually make a specific thing, or a few things for a specific industry. For example, some companies will focus on making parts to cars. Whereas others may make parts for mobile phones. Your task is to pick something that your business can manufacture. Think about an industry that is thriving and needs parts to be made. If you can think of something that’s in high demand, you increase your chances of business success.


Think About The Equipment/Resources You’ll Need

A manufacturing business is one that makes stuff; we’ve already established that. But, you’re going to need equipment and resources to help you manufacture stuff. You can’t make things entirely from hand. If you want to start a manufacturing business, you have to bear in mind all the equipment you’ll need. I’m talking about heavy machinery to help you put things together. You may need conveyor belts to move parts along. Some manufacturing businesses need sandblasting rooms to clean tough materials. You’ll even need things like forklift trucks or lifts to carry heavy items. All of these things will cost you money. Think about whether or not you can afford to purchase all this equipment before you commit to starting your business. If it all costs too much, then back away before you lose any money.

Start Off Small

There’s no point starting your business and immediately trying to compete with the big boys. It would be like turning up to a Formula 1 race in a go-kart, you wouldn’t stand a chance. Instead, your business should be focused on smaller things. You should work on manufacturing items for businesses in your area or your country. Supply parts and items for other small businesses to get you off the ground. If you start off small, you’ll slowly be able to work your way to the top.


Don’t Forget About Marketing

A manufacturing business is a business like any other. With that being said, you need to market it as you would any other business. This means making sure you have a company website set up and designed professionally. A professional website can make your business seem a lot more experienced that it is. Plus, it’s a place for you to promote your company online. You can show people exactly what you manufacture. I’d even recommend you put together a short promo video for your site. The video could tell people about your business and show them around your premises, so they see where and how things are made. I think this is a very clever marketing tactic for a manufacturing business. It gives you a chance to show off and let people see what sets you apart from the others out there. Plus, it shows you aren’t afraid to show people what goes on behind the scenes. Consumers will trust you more.



Five tips for getting your product manufactured

manufacture_in_chinaMany mums have found that a baby isn’t their only new creation and go on to invent a new product too!

Often, inventor mums find themselves frustrated with the baby products on the market and invent their own product to fill a gap – just take a look at the mumpreneur profiles here at Business Plus Baby for some great case studies. The trouble is that the next stage – getting your product manufactured- is daunting, especially as most mums have never done this before and it usually involves working with manufacturers overseas.

Here are  five tips to help you along the road to getting your product manufactured:

1. Start with the internet

As with most things these days, the internet is a great place to start learning about getting your creation manufactured. For many product inventors, Asia is going to be the best place to find a manufacturer, especially if you want large numbers and your product’s design isn’t likely to change much over the next few years. But for items with a design that changes regularly where you need smaller batch sizes (e.g. fashion), a local manufacturer might be the right choice. The internet can help you weigh up options like these when you’re in the early stages of your project.

2. …but don’t rely on the internet alone Continue reading “Five tips for getting your product manufactured”

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