How I saved time and made money by becoming a publisher

Can you publish Kindle books without actually writing them? Yes, I did it earlier this week, let me tell you how…

I love Kindle books – both reading and creating them –  but working part-time around young children means I don’t have much time to actually write books.

So it made sense for me to partner up with someone who has a lot of material for a book, but who doesn’t have the time to work through the Kindle publishing process.

Self publishing is far easier than it used to be, but physically publishing a Kindle book and publishing a Kindle book that people will actually buy are two different things!

So I partnered up with Becky Goddard-Hill of Baby Budgeting and Family Budgeting. Becky is an expert in budgeting and has a few books under belt now, so writing a book wasn’t a big challenge for her.

I took the same  role as a traditional publisher: I did the proof-reading, editing, arranged a designer to do the cover, formatted the book, uploaded it to Amazon, sorted out the pricing and chose categories and keywords. Unlike a traditional publisher who does little or no marketing, I’m also helping to promote the book.

And here it is: 100 Easy Ways to be a Thrifty Family

It’s a great book – I know, I read it several times as I was editing and proof-reading it! 🙂

So the moral of this story is that you don’t have to do everything yourself as a mum with a business. You don’t even need a business partner in the traditional sense. You can partner up for a small project or even just part of a project.

If you’re struggling to work out what product or service to offer your customers, look first for a problem that they would like you to solve. But don’t assume you have to make or invent a product to solve that problem all by yourself, look at how you can compile, bring together, introduce, partner with someone or even outsource the answer to that problem. For example, I know people need to save money these days, but I don’t know enough about budgeting to help them personally. Becky does.

If you’re a mum who would love to be self employed but aren’t creative in the art, craft or design kind of way, don’t despair. You don’t need to be arty or a designer. Use your creativity to come up with a solution to a problem, then be the project manager, entrepreneur, networker, leader – or even the geek – instead.

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How to market your business by writing a Kindle book

Even if you’ve never written a book before, you can (and should!) publish on Kindle. With millions of fans, low prices and the current buzz around the Kindle devices themselves, Kindle books are flying off the virtual shelves. So grab yourself a piece of Amazon’s amazing marketplace – and promote your business at the same time!

Today I’m launching my new e-book Kindle Marketing: Grow your business by writing a Kindle book which will take you through quick ways of finding an angle for your book that sells; easy ways to write it, the facts you really need to know about choosing an effective title, cover and description; formatting your book to upload to Amazon and lots of great ways to promote your new Kindle book. Even if you don’t have a Kindle!

But if you’d like a quick introduction to writing an publishing a Kindle book, just read on… Continue reading “How to market your business by writing a Kindle book”

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