Business Innovation: Who’s On Top In 2015?

thumb-328420_640“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

Those wise words from the late Steve Jobs sum up why businesses are always striving to innovate. By doing so they are able to lead and stay ahead of their competitors and, in turn, by being at the head of the pack they are seen as a brand worth investing in and doing business with.

So who is proving their strength when it comes to innovation in 2015, and how is this impacting on the business world?


It’s a big year for Microsoft, not least because Windows 10 is upon us. The new operating system will undoubtedly be important for businesses and consumers alike – with neat new tools to utilise – but the bigger game changer might well come with the accompanying release of the Hololens.

This device might seem like a bit of fun for the end user – the chance to play with holograms as if you’re in your own personal Star Wars film, with hand gestures, voice control and gaze helping to control the virtual world your visor projects onto the world in front of you. Yet actually this could be the business innovation of 2015.

The device will actually allow the user to pop it on, ring an expert and show the person at the other end what is in front of them. The expert could then annotate that view and point the user in the right direction – a powerful use that could be transformative in a host of industries. It could certainly help to assist the design, manufacture and installation of high tech specialist equipment so that a customer purchasing paint spray booths from Airblast Eurospray could call on one of the firm’s experts to ensure the machinery and materials were being correctly handled.

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