Three good reasons why you should write an e-book now

Yes, you really should write an ebook as soon as you can. 🙂

In this audio I give my three top reasons for writing ebooks:

Here’s a summary of those reasons:

1. It’s a wonderful feeling when you wake up in the morning and find not only have you sold an ebook in your sleep, but there’s money in your Paypal account too! Of course, you need a plan to make sure you sell more than just the one! But the first few times it happens it’s incredibly exciting.

2. It’s a way to start selling your time one-to-one and start selling products one-to-many instead. Yes, I know it’s almost a cliche now, but it really is true. You only have 24 hours a day, but if you package up what you know as an e-book or e-course (information product) then you can sell an almost unlimited number of them. E-books are your first step.

3. E-courses and online communities (membership sites) are usually far more lucrative than e-books, but it really is best to start with an e-book. An e-book is a simple to produce as converting a Word file to a PDF and there are simple, inexpensive shopping carts you can use to take payments.

Having said that, actually writing your first e-book can be tricky because you need to find the time to do it and you have to deal with all the self-doubt that gets in your way. Then you have to add the extra blurb, get a good-looking cover and weigh up whether you should sell from your own sit or sell on other sites (e.g. Amazon’s Kindle). Best to get that first e-book out of the way now because the others will be far easier!

You can read how I turned an e-book into an e-course here: My first e-course – Earn What you Deserve as a Mumpreneur.

 If you’d like me to help you write your first e-book and get it up for sale, join me on Thursday for my ‘Write Your First e-Book’ webinar. Click here for more.

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How to overcome information overload: Dealing with too much info as a mumpreneur

Business books, audio books, eBooks, blogs, websites, ezines, newsletters, webinars, podcasts, downloads, infographics.

The list is endless.

As a mumpreneur trying to learn as much as she can while staying on top of her game and building her business, the amount of information that is available to us in this electronic age is indeed, vast and often, overwhelming.

How does one make the time to read it all and absorb it all?

Actually, one doesn’t.

Here are simple steps to deal with information overload in the digital world:

1. Know what you want

Begin by jotting down or at least, identifying what you want to learn, know more about or do. Have the goals in mind before you begin signing up for newsletters and webinars. For instance, if building an email list for your business is your goal, it is best if you look for someone who offers just that via their eCourse, eBook or podcast instead of signing up for a general business newsletter and hoping that they’ll talk about email list building sometime.

2. Organise your information

Say, you have multiple learning goals for this quarter or year, create folders in your email or on your computer to store the information you receive according to the need it will fulfil. This will help you find what you need when you need it. There is little point signing up for an eCourse and then, not using that information or worse, finding it when you want it.

3. Use only what’s most valuable

Even when you’ve identified your goals, you still have to filter the fluff from the real deal. Yes, unfortunately, in the digital world you’ll often come across information products that aren’t really all they’re cut out to be.

Filtering your information will help you unsubscribe from anything that doesn’t add value to your business goals or actually teach you something new.

4. Have a technology turn off time

Finally, the best way to deal with information overload is to turn off technology and just switch off. Do this every weekend or at least on a Sunday so that your mind gets some rest and can recharge itself for the busy week ahead. Try it!

How do you deal with information overload as a busy mumpreneur?

About the Author: Melissa Vandermeer is the founder of Zayth, an online women-centric marketplace for digital products and services. Zayth will help you deal with information overload by bringing everything you need as a mumpreneur under one virtual roof. Sign up for the Zayth newsletter or join us on Facebook and Twitter to simplify how you find and sell digital information.

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