Planning a family holiday on a budget? Read this…

Planning a family vacation can be exhausting. There is so much to organise and when it is left solely up to you the pressure to make it memorable can be overwhelming. So stop planning by yourself and get everyone involved to share the load. This will not only help you get excited about going away, but it will also make the whole process less stressful. Use these tips to create a budget vacation that you all remember for the right reasons.

Shop around

It can be tempting to buy your flights, car hire and accommodation from the first website or travel agent you visit. But it’s worth shopping around before you buy. There could be better deals for you and your family to utilise. Discounted and last minute sites such as, will compare deals to ensure you get the best one. This can be useful if you’re short of time and want to book your vacation quickly. Also, consider using comparison sites for your insurance and currency too. Always read the small print and ensure that the offers you are buying suit your family’s needs and won’t incur additional charges later on.


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Research with your kids

Before you go away on your trip, it’s a brilliant idea to sit down with your kids and research the area you’re travelling to. You can do this online or with magazines from a travel agents. This will highlight exactly what there is on offer to keep you all entertained throughout your vacation. Explain to your children that you are sticking to a budget, so you need to prioritise where you spend your available money. Once they are familiar with local attractions and points of interest, you could get them to choose one or two things they would like to experience. You can then research any coupons or deals that might be available during your stay. Some attractions may have family tickets or discounts on children under a certain age. Also research free attractions such as museums, art galleries and parks you could visit too. Undercover tourist discount codes can help make many of those more expensive attractions much more affordable.

Start an emergency fund

Even after you’ve booked and paid for your vacation, it’s wise to save some additional money just in case. It’s best to plan for any eventuality while you’re away. So start saving a little each week to create an emergency fund for your vacation. Little things like saving money on gas or on groceries will go a long way over time, so start this as soon as you can. It will put your mind at ease and if you don’t use it, you can spend it on some beautiful souvenirs from your trip. Encourage your kids to save their pocket money for your vacation, to take the pressure off you too.

These tips will help you plan and save for you vacation with ease. It doesn’t have to be difficult if everyone gets involved and sticks to the budget. Utilise as many freebies and deals as you can to stretch your budget further and enjoy every second of your family trip.

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