Is it Game Over for your Facebook Page?

claire _pittsIntroducing our first guest post from Claire Pitts of Mum’s Bis. Over to you, Claire!

There you were, sharing content on your Facebook Page and enjoying the fact that the majority of your Fans saw what you were saying and responded then all of a sudden…

Bam! Facebook changed the rules

One cold, December day last year we all got up to a different Facebook to the one we’d left behind the night before.  Suddenly, no one was seeing our Posts, our content wasn’t being shared and our sales fell.

Facebook wants you to buy advertising

It’s no secret that Facebook wants you to pay for adverts.  They’re a business and need to make money.

And, actually, Facebook adverts are a great way of getting customers, if done right.  But that’s the subject for another article…

So is your Facebook Page dead?

No! It’s still very much alive.  But it has changed. Continue reading “Is it Game Over for your Facebook Page?”

The dark side of social media

Do you buy Nature Valley crunchy bars? We love them here at Lindop Towers.

But there’s trouble in the valley at the moment. Copywriter Anne Maybus of  Clever Streak mentioned it this week in a Facebook group we both belong to. It’s scary stuff for anyone who uses social media to promote their business, which is why I wanted to tell you about it.

Around a week ago, a blogger accused Nature Valley of using genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in their products. She didn’t give any evidence for this at all, just mentioned it as fact. A comment was made on the Nature Valley Facebook page along the lines of “why do you use GMO products in your bars?” and since then a flood of negative comments have poured onto the Nature Valley Facebook page.Take a look here:

I would like to give you links to the original blog post but I didn’t bookmark it and now there are so many comments on the Facebook page I can no longer get back to the original one.

Does Nature Valley use GMO ingredients? I have no idea, but a quick Google search suggests there’s not much hard evidence that they do.

Here’s what’s scary though: one accusation from a single blogger with zero evidence has caused complete chaos.

What’s more, Nature Valley have done absolutely nothing about it on their Facebook page.

I don’t think they are blissfully unaware of the chaos, because they’ve gone from posting almost daily to no posts at all since 1st December. Personally, I think they are doing nothing until they talk to their legal team. Understandable in the old pre-social media world, but these days a delay like this is causing untold damage to their brand.

What scares me most is how Facebook users have blindly believed this claim and not bothered to check the evidence. If it’s on the internet then it must be true, eh?

So what does this mean for those of us running far smaller businesses?

  • Keep a close eye on your social media profiles.
  • ‘Going viral’ is usually considered to be good  for marketing, but it can also have its dark side. More on this next week in my review of the book The E-Factor: Entrepreneurship in the Social Media Age.
  • You need to respond promptly to any comments on your social media profiles, especially negative ones.
  • People have very short attention spans when they are online and many won’t bother to check the facts before taking action.
  • Be careful when making claims about other companies on your blog. I wouldn’t want to be in the blogger’s shoes when the lawyers get on the case. Especially since Nature Valley is just a brand of General Mills, one of the largest food companies in the world.

I’ll be watching how this pans out with interest.

What are your thoughts on this? Please do leave me a comment.

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How to get more people to like your Facebook page

I’m a member of the British Mummy Bloggers’ Mums in Business forum, and a few weeks ago Jenny of Laughing Lamb Creations how she could promote her online business for free.  I suggested blogging, building a mailing list by giving away a free e-book, getting a Facebook Page, using Twitter and maybe even YouTube.

She said she already had a Facebook page, but how could she get more people the like it? That’s what gave me the idea for this post.

First though I’ll explain what a Facebook page actually is. Facebook profiles are for people – these have things like photos, personal information and friends that are linked to the profile. Facebook pages are for organisations or projects, rather than people. And pages have ‘likers’ rather than friends. If you take a look at Business Plus Baby’s Facebook page, you’ll see the people who like it on the left and a ‘Like’ button at the top that you can click to like the page yourself (you’ll need to have a Facebook profile to do this).

The challenge for Facebook page owners is to get people to click the ‘like’ button. Here are some ways you could do this… Continue reading “How to get more people to like your Facebook page”

Mumpreneur Monday Challenge: Create Some Fresh Content

It’s Monday again, so it’s time for this week’s challenge. (If you missed the previous challenges, here they are: Promote your blog, Get out there!, Get creative!)

Right, let’s dive in!

Content, content, content. You need it for blog posts, words to put on your website, things to link to on your facebook page, useful links to tweet about….

But how do you come up with all this stuff?

Your challenge this week is to….

Create some fresh content

More specifically, to take one step that will make creating fresh content easier for you from now on. (But that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue!)

Here are some ideas you could try this week… Continue reading “Mumpreneur Monday Challenge: Create Some Fresh Content”

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