Facebook Timeline pages: how does the change affect marketing?

I wanted to write a post about the latest changes to Facebook pages. I really did.

But when it comes to Facebook changes I get this uncontrollable urge to procrastinate -so I haven’t made any changes to my page yet!

I love my Facebook page and I visit it many times every day, so I’m very comfortable with Facebook itself. (Some people might say I’m a little too comfortable with it and should get out more 🙂 ) But the constant stream of changes drives me nuts and I haven’t yet got to grips with the latest – timelines for Facebook pages.

This latest change is one that we really do need to take notice of. It isn’t just cosmetic, it affects the way that we will use Facebook for marketing from 30th March onwards – that’s when all Facebook pages will switch over to the new design. But you have until then to play around with the new design and get used to it.

Karen Gunton of Build a Little Biz recommends this post from Hubspot as one of the best to help you set up your Facebook page in the new design. I’ll certainly be following it when I set up mine!

(At the moment I’m knee-deep in setting up my new project HelenLindop.com – but more on that in the next few weeks).

So if you’re like me and have got that “Oh no, not another Facebook change – I haven’t got my head around the last three yet” feeling, you’re going to love this…

Karen spent last weekend pouring everything she knows about Facebook marketing into a new e-book Don’t just be on Facebook, be AWESOME on Facebook, including the new timeline design. So it doesn’t matter if the last ten Facebook changes have passed you by or if you’re a Facebook newbie, everything you need to know is in this book including:

  • what is the purpose of your facebook page?
  • setting up & branding your page
  • finding ‘likers’
  • increasing engagement
  • spam-ish posting
  • understanding algorithms & analytics
  • using management tools
  • using apps
  • using facebook ads
  • using promotions, competitions, & giveaways
  • lead generation
  • getting traffic from facebook back to your site
  • being private vs. public on facebook
  • ‘outside the box’ ideas for your page

Karen used to be a teacher, so it’s all explained in a very clear, quick-to-read way with lots of bullet points and links to other information. It’s 40 pages of solid information with no filler, too.

You can grab a copy for $19 (Australian dollars, which is about £12) by clicking here.

I feel like I’m just about ready to set up my Facebook timeline now!

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