How to make your first trade show a winner

Since you clicked on this post, I imagine you’re about to attend or thinking about attending, your first trade show. It’s a great opportunity and one that a new business owner can certainly profit from. Whether you are marketing a new business or product, there is success to be found at a trade show. That much is guaranteed. However, there is no such guarantee that you will be the one to claim that success. Indeed, it’s true to say that a trade show is one of the most competitive environments you will encounter in the business world. It will seem as though people are screaming at the top of their lungs, just to be heard. Others will have invested as much to attend the trade show as it cost to set up their business. But fear not, because with these tips you’re sure to get the interest you want over the rest.


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Show Before You Go

Our first recommendation is that you let people know that you will be attending the aforementioned trade show. It’s important that you use your social media accounts and other online resources to your advantage here. Tease your followers with what you might be introducing to the market or your business idea. If you do this, you just might catch the interest of some of the investors who plan to attend. It’s never too early to start marketing, so I suggest you do this even a year in advance of attendance.

Market Before You Gets There

Like I said, there’s nothing wrong with getting a good head start. When the trade show is just a few months away, you’ll find that billboard space is for sale around transport links. If you have the funds, it’s good idea to invest and buy these up. That way, you can market to investors before they reach the trading floor. If you do this, you can get ahead of the competition although you might look for cheaper methods of marketing.

Designing Your Exhibition

It’s important that your booth at the trade show stands out from the rest. If it just blends into the background, you won’t be able to gain the attention of attendees. However, I am aware that you will have limited funds to spend on your stall. That’s why I suggest that you invest in banner designs like the Grasshopper. This is a cheap banner that is still strong and large. It comes highly recommended to those who are attending a trade show on a budget.

Use Free Merch

Another tip I suggest is that you buy some free personalised merchandise. You can purchase this in bulk online at low prices. You can bet a number of other people will be using this marketing concept but it still won’t hurt to give investors something that they can take away with them. Try to make the design of your personalised merchandise unique and an item they would want to use or wear.

Take these tips on board and we’re sure your first trade show will be a huge success. But remember if you do get interest, don’t wait. Seize the opportunity before they move onto the next company.

Five top tips for exhibitions and trade shows

trade-showOnline marketing may be top of your list right now, and it can certainly be effective, but there’s nothing like going out and meeting people face to face. It gives you a chance to build those all-important relationships with prospects, customer and maybe even other businesses with a similar client group to yours.

It also gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your product or service, and for your customers to test or maybe even touch and feel your product for themselves.

However, an exhibition or trade show is a big investment for a small business, so you want to make sure that you squeeze every benefit you possibly can from it.

Here are five top tips to help you do exactly that: Continue reading “Five top tips for exhibitions and trade shows”

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