Online business basics: Why you MUST have a mailing list

(This is the third article in my Online business basics series. You can find links to the other posts in the series on this page: Online business basics)

A mailing list is an essential tool in business, yet many new online business owners don’t have one. So why is a mailing list so important and how can you start your own?

Why a mailing list is so important

A mailing list is crucial because most people aren’t willing to get out their credit card the first time they hear about you. Instead, they prefer to get to know you and your content bit by bit over time. As they get to know you, realise you’re good at what you do and that you can help them, they’ll be willing to dig out their credit cards and make a purchase.

A mailing list allows you to stay in touch with people after they’ve left your website, to show them you’re an expert and to keep them updated with what you have to offer.

Setting up your mailing list Continue reading “Online business basics: Why you MUST have a mailing list”

Before You Hit “Send”: Email Marketing Dos and Dont’s

Effective and affordable, email marketing can be a great tool to promote your product or service. It’s also easy to do from home, making it a form of marketing that enables you to balance your business and your baby. However, this type of business writing has to be done right to be effective, or else all your efforts will go to waste. Here are a few do-it-yourself email marketing tips to follow when embarking on an email marketing plan. Continue reading “Before You Hit “Send”: Email Marketing Dos and Dont’s”

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