Thinking of starting an online store?

business_owner_parentsThis week Becky Goddard-Hill kindly published a post by me on her Family Budgeting blog. Here’s a taster…

Thinking of starting an online store? That’s great! Starting an online shop is a great way to sell products that you make or love and earn an income in the process as well. Plus, you don’t have to find the money to rent the shop or even decorate it!

However, setting up an online shop also requires careful thought before you take the plunge, so here is a quick list of things to look out to ensure that your online store is smart, successful and systematic:

Find What You’d Like to Sell

Always begin by finding a product or products that you’re absolutely convinced about and will have no problem recommending to others. Genuine passion helps to sell more easily and will be visible in your sales and communication with your customers. So, find a product you’d love to buy yourself, study the market to see if there’s a demand for it and then decide to sell it.

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