How I Became a Home Worker by Simone Castello

Simone Castello is a freelance copyeditor and copywriter.  Simone’s business website is and you can also find her at her blogs From Rat Racer to Positive Parent and Cambridge Ecothrifter.

When I started maternity leave in January 2007 I planned to take a year off and resume my career as inhouse freelance subeditor. I had been doing it for over a decade, so it seemed like the easy option – I had lots of contacts in the industry and knew there would be work for me provided I could find reliable childcare for my child. Mind you, I envied freelancers who could work from home but knew that in my sector opportunities were rare, plus you needed expensive equipment and software. Despite using MACs at work, I had a modest PC at home and no fancy design software. Continue reading “How I Became a Home Worker by Simone Castello”