Unexpected essentials for your cleaning business

cleaningAnyone who thinks that cleaning is just a matter of soap and water and possibly a sponge or mop is mistaken. If you’re running a cleaning business, you will have to include a full inventory of all of the latest cleaning products, as well as a few unexpected items.

Be prepared for anything

Lord Baden Powell instructed the nation’s boy scouts to ‘be prepared’ and anyone who runs a cleaning business will be well aware of this motto. You should always include a pair of gloves from Brosch Direct in order to protect your hands. Every cleaning job is different and until you actually arrive at your client’s house or business, you don’t know what type of nasties you’ll be expected to eradicate. Keep yourself protected and stay healthy.

Cleaning clocks – take a rope

Last year the iconic timepiece Big Ben was treated to a deep clean. The job demanded care and precision and the expertise of an abseiling team in order to carry out the work efficiently. Of course this was a specialist contract but an article in The Daily Mail highlighted the importance for any cleaning company to think in a lateral way. Buckets and sponges were also very much in evidence for this particular contract.

Take the meat tenderiser

There are, of course, some stains that modern cleaning products just can’t remove.
If you run a cleaning business you can’t ever tell a client that a stain has defeated you. This is the time to employ some imagination. Meat tenderiser is fantastic at removing some difficult stains. It’s also cheap which is another bonus.

Protein based stains are often tricky to remove and this is where meat tenderiser comes into its own. Simply go into your local supermarket and invest in this wonderful product. Meat tenderiser breaks down the protein in meat, hence its name. The product needs to be made into a paste and then placed on the offending stain. After about five minute, rinse off the paste and you’ll find that the stain will have disappeared.

Cleaning plants

You will always anticipate that you’ll have to clean carpets, furniture and other basic items, but don’t forget that house plants also require maintenance. There’s nothing that makes a room or house look shabby than a dusty plant. According to The Huffington Post you only need to give the leaves a gentle wash with some water in order to remove bacteria and dust. You may find it helpful to place larger plants in the shower!

Alternative uses for your daily bread

 A post on the blog Larger Family Life suggests that bread is a wonderful resource for removing dust and minor stains. You may get some strange looks from your employer, but once the stains are removed they won’t really care how you removed them.

If you already run a cleaning business you’ll know all about ingenuity and imagination. These attributes are essential in all aspects of life, especially when confronted by a large and seemingly insurmountable stain.

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