Ever thought of business in Barcelona?


If I asked you if you liked the sound of Barcelona, you’d probably say ‘yes’. Especially as it’s the middle of a cold and damp British winter!

But there’s more to Barcelona than a great destination for a weekend break. Have you ever thought of it from a business point of view?

There are many good reasons to invest in Barcelona. Not only it is in a great location in the Mediterranean, close to France and Spain as well as the rest of the Mediterranean Sea – with one of the biggest ports in the Med – but it also has an international airport, motorways linked to the European network and a high-speed train station.

Barcelona heads up a large economic area with a long industrial tradition and a solid business framework which is why it is the headquarters of thousands of foreign companies. The city is also strong on business sectors such as new technologies and sustainability, which offer great business and investment opportunities.

According to ‘European Cities Monitor’, Barcelona employees have the best quality of life in Europe, which isn’t surprising when you consider the festivals, cuisine, art, culture, architecture that the city is known for. Just take a look at this video and you’ll see what I mean:

One of Barcelona’s top attractions is admiring the city’s modernista architecture, including the works of Gaudí. But there are also wonderful live music venues and plenty of opportunities to stop for tapas and the local vermouth!

So if you’re thinking of growing your business, why not consider growing it in Barcelona?
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