Who else wants to overcome that back-to-school anxiety?

Welcome back to guest blogger Neil Fellowes, whose last post was Using your entrepreneurial skills to inspire your kids. (You can find out more about Neil at the end of this post…)

Yes, it’s that time of year again.

The children are about to return to school and anxiety fear, tears and the playground dramas are all about to happen.

They’ve had a nice time over the summer – getting up when their body is rested rather than when the clock dictates they need to get up for school. They’ve had a holiday with you and had your attention, played with their friends, lounged in front of the TV and enjoyed some fresh air and freedom.

So it’s little wonder that, for many kids, the slightest mention of returning to school causes them to prickle.

And it’s little wonder…

Think back to their last school year…

Was it a happy year? Continue reading “Who else wants to overcome that back-to-school anxiety?”

Using your entrepreneurial skills to inspire your kids

As entrepreneurs we recognise that working for ourselves means independence and financial freedom. And because we know it makes sense to live and work in this way many of us want to instil entrepreneurial values in our kids.

What’s great for children of entrepreneurs is that they get to observe their parents working and supporting the family and as the child gets older they can also get involved in small ways.

That’s why I love school holidays. It’s a chance to have my children be around our work environment and get a sense of the focus and the energy of the business and it gives them a few little chores to do that teach them a little about what working means.

Even a young child can place a stamp on an envelope or add a sticky label. It doesn’t take much training to fold a letter, to bring the working team drinks or to file and before you know it they can be filling in a spread-sheet with marketing data or dropping off the mail. Continue reading “Using your entrepreneurial skills to inspire your kids”

How to cope when you miss your child’s event (and why sometimes it’s a good thing)

I have a fab post for you today by working mums’ coach Elinor Wilde. One of the big reasons that mums start up in business is to give us the flexibility to go to events like school sports days. But what happens if, despite your best efforts, you still can’t go? Over to you, Elinor…

Running a business when you have children can mean some pretty tough choices. At the end of recent call, a client of mine dropped into the conversation that she had been really looking forward to going to a friend’s 40th birthday party. It had been in the calendar for months but she wasn’t going because her daughter had just been invited to perform at a dance concert. Now this mum has seen her daughter perform at many concerts, this wasn’t the first and it wasn’t a competition, but she wouldn’t allow herself to miss it even though she admitted she was gutted to be missing the 40th.

When you decide to run your own business you hope you will have more flexibility to be with your children and attend their events more easily than if you were working 9-5, but you will still have conflicting choices to make whether they are to do with business or social arrangements. Obviously you want to attend your kids’ events to support them and share in their pleasure, but here’s the thing – you don’t have to be there EVERY time and feeling guilty about it can be a sign of the perfectionist trap we mums can fall into. Here’s how to cope:

If, like my client, you feel consumed by guilt at the thought of missing a child’s event, consider why.

• Are you worried what other mums will think? Remember you’ve got nothing to prove to them. This is your life and your family.

• Are you mind-reading and making assumptions? Are you scared your child will be upset if you are not there? This is really down to how you handle things. Be factual, don’t over explain or over-dramatise and above all don’t ask for permission! Explain that you already have something organised and can’t go, describe whose mother will be there instead and that you are really looking forward to hearing how much they enjoy themselves. Don’t get drawn into a long conversation about it or over-explain. It’s this that can make your child anxious.

Are you worried what other mums will think? Remember you’ve got nothing to prove to them. This is your life and your family.

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What defines you?

Today’s post is by Pamela Evbota, and it’s part of her virtual book tour for her new book ‘How To Raise Kids Without Losing It’.  Good luck with your book launch, Pamela!

(You can find out about virtual book tours in Kindle Marketing, by the way).

Until you find meaning concerning your life, no one will make it meaningful.

People are always in the habit of belittling themselves out of what they define to be humility. They shrink their personality, their achievement; but are these acts of humility or act of acceptance from others.

How do you define yourself? Continue reading “What defines you?”

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