10 silly mistakes you’re making with your business cards

business_cardBusiness cards should be a simple concept. You pop your logo, name and contact details on and you’re done, right? Wrong. There are businesses out there making some silly mistakes when it comes to business cards and as a result not seeing the return they should when handing them out. Take a look at these mistakes below and check that you aren’t doing the same:

  1. Outdated contact details

You have 200 business cards that need using, but they feature your old phone number. You think ‘it’s fine, I’ll just tell people it’s wrong when I hand it over and to email me instead’ but a business card featuring outdated information gives a poor impression of you and your brand. Recycle the cards you have (do not amend that telephone number with pen) and have more created with the right details. Continue reading “10 silly mistakes you’re making with your business cards”