Your top questions answered

You might think that the number one question  people ask me is “so how can I start a business and spend time with my baby?”

Actually, I’m mostly asked questions about internet marketing, blogging and creating information products! So here are some quick tips that will answer your most pressing questions.

I’ll be talking more about all of these in my new Thursday Night Webinar series – click here and I’ll tell you all about it.

Question 1: How can I get my website to the top of page 1 of Google?

First, you need to know what your potential customers are typing in to Google. There’s no point in being number 1 in Google for a keyword that your customers would never use! Continue reading “Your top questions answered”

Business blogging for beginners: My new book

Just starting  a business blog? Or maybe just thinking of starting one? I have a book for you!

My new book, Business Blogging for Beginners, is in the Kindle store now for just £2.29

(If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the Kindle reader for free here: Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac.)

You can read what’s in it here: Business Blogging for Beginners.

When I started out blogging over two years ago now, I learned how to blog by reading other blogs. It was a good place to start, but I wasted a lot of time too. That was because:

  • Much of the advice on blogging is written by people blogging for fun, not to promote a product or service. Subtle but important difference.
  • Plenty of the advice was contradictory, confusing or missed out things that were really important.
  • People don’t put their best stuff on their blogs, they save it for the products they charge for. And those products can be expensive.

As well as wasting time on activities that weren’t very effective, I failed to do things that I should have been doing. Things like:

  • Using keywords in my posts – people were looking for the information on my blog, except they were never going to find it because I wasn’t giving Google the right keywords to signpost them my way. As soon as I started to use keywords in my posts, I got more traffic with virtually no extra effort.
  • Building a mailing list – not staying in touch with people who love your blog is a huge wasted opportunity. It takes time to build a list so you need to start as soon as you can. Done the right way, it doesn’t have to be much extra work, either.
  • Adding photos to my posts – for the first six months my blog looked awful because I hadn’t got around to adding any photos!

Are you falling into the same traps as I did? 🙂

So if you want a straightforward introduction to promoting your business using a blog at a price anyone can afford, grab yourself a copy of Business Blogging for Beginners.

It even comes with a free e-book – Social Media in 15 Minutes a Day!



Online business basics: How to be a better blogger

(This is the fourth article in my Online business basics series. You can find links to the other posts in the series on this page: Online business basics)

A blog is now crucial for most online businesses. A steady stream of fresh content keeps your human visitors coming back for more and keeps your website high up in the search engine rankings. That’s if you do it right!

Being a great blogger is a skill that has to be learned (and it definitely improves with practice, too!) If you want to attract more people to your blog, have more people return regularly and to make more money from your blog, here are five tips to help you: Continue reading “Online business basics: How to be a better blogger”

Business blogging: What’s the point of your post?

The big difference between writing for business and writing for fun is that business writing needs to have a clear purpose. That’s why you need more than just a topic for each post, you need a point, too. Each post on your blog should have just the one point.

Whether it’s to encourage readers to sign up for your email list, urge them to leave a comment or encourage visitors to buy something, each post should have a specific point and a call to action.

Here are some ideas for points:

  • To encourage readers to subscribe to your mailing list

The aim is to write a post that’s so useful or engaging that your readers want more. (Blogging gurus call these ‘pillar posts’). At the bottom of these posts, include a sign-up box for your email list so you can capture the reader the second they finish your post.

  • To sell something

Whether it’s your own products or someone else’s, blog posts can make people more receptive to buying. Product reviews, case studies, and new product announcements can help you sell a product or service. Make the post a conversation rather than a sales pitch, though.

  • To engage your readers.

Sometimes, you may want to get feedback or create a feeling of community. To get your readers to respond, you could ask questions, invite discussion or even suggest that readers respond in the comments section or on their own blogs.

  • To encourage viral marketing

If you want your posts to go viral, you need to create valuable content that others will want to save and pass on to friends, or even tweet to their followers on Twitter. These types of posts make up the backbone of your blog. While they may not directly bring in sales, they encourage readers to return again and again and to recommend your site to their colleagues and friends.

You may have another reason that isn’t mentioned above and that’s perfectly OK. The key is to have a reason, and to know that reason before you even start writing.

If you’d like to know more about business blogging, I recommend WordPress for Business Bloggers by Paul Thewlis

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