Building a lasting relationship with your bank

Looking around for your first business bank account can be daunting. There are so many different things to consider, including basic things like how much money you’ll be paying in, how often and where you’ll be doing it as well as the bigger picture plans such as anticipating the needs of your business as it grows. After many years of free personal banking it can even be a shock to see the costs involved in business banking!

Here at Business Plus Baby I get comments and messages from people just starting out who are unsure whether they even need a business bank account, which to me shows that business banking is more than simply opening an account to keep your money in. From the bank’s point of view it’s about understanding people’s needs and then offering the best possible solution to those needs. Then staying with their clients as their businesses grow and change.

This is why it’s so important to find a bank that strives to understand the needs of small businesses. Research on the Internet is a wonderful thing but sometimes you just need to discuss your options with a human being. Santander approaches every business customer as an individual relationship, working hard to make banking as straightforward as possible.

Santander have been big players in small business banking for a good few years now. In fact, they are the first experience that many newbie little business owners have of business banking.

Santander have focussed on building lasting relationships in their latest video. Take a look here:

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