Should I be a blogger or just go out and get a job?

should_i_blogI’ve  started a blog but it’s not making any money just yet. I know it’s going to take some time to turn my blog into a business but I’m a single parent so I don’t have a partner to help pay the bills cover the bills.  Everyone I know says I should just go out and get a job.

So how should I work on building my blog and keep a roof over my head at the same time?  Should I get a job? My big worry is that I won’t have the time and energy to do everything and that my online business will suffer.  What should I do?

When friends and family are worried about your finances the first thing they will recommend is that you get a job. This may be the right choice – only you can know for sure – but keep in mind that almost everyone is heavily biased towards employment being the only responsible way to earn a living. We’re taught this is true from an early age by parents and schools, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it IS true for you right now.  Continue reading “Should I be a blogger or just go out and get a job?”