Five Important Elements of Designing a Safe Nursery


Decorating a new nursery is exciting and fun. However, it also has to be a safe procedure. There are five important and practical things that you must always keep in mind in order to have a safe nursery.

  1. The Sockets and Wiring

Most modern sockets today have an automatic shutter, which means that if a child sticks an object or their fingers into them, they will shut off automatically. However, you do need to know whether or not your sockets have that failsafe mechanism installed. Keep in mind that even safe sockets should be covered, though, as children may also stick actual plugs in there.

Do also think about your wiring. Make sure it is all in good order and not frayed or broken and keep loose wires to a minimum.

Finally, install a smoke alarm. Continue reading “Five Important Elements of Designing a Safe Nursery”