How to Multitask Without Sacrificing Business Quality

Did you know that only 2% of people can truly multitask? If you are part of the 98% that can’t really multitask but want to learn more about how to multitask with business, you are in the right place. We have put together this quick guide sharing our top business tips to help you multitask without sacrificing quality.

Keep reading to learn more about how you too can multitask successfully.

  1. Plan Ahead of Time

Planning ahead of time will help you when it comes to multitasking. Instead of waiting until you are in the middle of a task to decide to do something else make a list of all your tasks.

Then take your list and put the tasks that are compatible with each other so that you can tackle them at the same time. Putting tasks that you can work on at the same time will help with keeping data integrity controls in place. For example, if you are working on social media plans for different clients, keep the clients with similar content together.

If you are going to have your mind jumping from one task to the other, those tasks need to have something in common in order for you to not feel like you “fried” your brain. Keep in mind that your short-term memory can only handle so much and it is possible to overdo it and end up getting nothing accomplished.

Trying to wing multitasking is not possible which is why you need a plan. Multitasking is not something that you do with zero effort, you will need a well thought out plan that will help avoid important tasks from falling through the cracks.

  1. Time 

Another tip to multitasking is to divide your time. Set a specific time during your workday to finish the tasks that are your core responsibilities for that day. These core tasks should take precedence over everything else.

Then set the rest of the time to finish the tasks that are not as important but still have to get done. Dividing your time correctly will ensure that you always complete the work that you can’t compromise no matter what.

Also, set a certain time to check your emails and texts instead of checking them throughout the entire day.

  1. Manage Distractions

Technology has certainly helped us in the workforce but at the same time, it has created major distractions in the modern workplace. From social media to videos to blog posts it is so easy to get distracted and forget what you were doing.

You also want to avoid taking any phone calls or dealing with noisy coworkers during work hours. In order to complete multiple work tasks efficiently, take your work to a quiet space or into a conference room if your current work area is noisy. If you do not need your phone in order to work then turn it off or put it on silent to avoid this major distraction as well.

Take the time to turn off email notifications text alerts, etc. unless your position requires you to constantly check these notifications. The truth is that distractions are your enemy when you are working because even if you are tackling one simple task you can make a mistake when you are distracted.

  1. Focus

Create a to-do list every morning or the night before to avoid losing track of the tasks that have to get done. Put the tasks in order from most urgent to least important. Having this list will make it easier to stay focused and not forget to do something really important.

Keep this to-do list visible at all times. If your office is normally chaotic then you have to place this list in a spot where you will see it at all times. You might want to also color code the urgent tasks in order to give yourself enough time to complete them.

Some people work better when they have a certain type of music on. If this is you, then do not be afraid to wear a headset and use music to increase your focus.

  1. Downtime Is Your Friend

When you are multitasking it gets in the way of your memory. You are in essence interfering with noticing new information that comes across. For example, if you try to recall what you learned during a meeting with a client you will probably draw a blank because your brain was a bit tied up doing multiple tasks at once.

For this reason, you want to utilize your downtime wisely. Take those quiet moments to review notes from meetings, re-read any important documents you were given throughout the day, etc. Do not just read over everything and forget it, instead explain it back to yourself to make sure you truly comprehend it and remember it later on.

  1. Use Tools

You might want to add some tools to your toolbox to help you accomplish more than one task at a time. A popular app to help with multitasking is called Trello. This is a simple and easy to use application where you have the ability to store your tasks and keep up with them.

Now You Know How to Multitask Effectively

We hope that now that you have our top tips on how to multitask you can start applying them right away. Remember that multitasking is certainly not about working harder but instead it is about working smarter.

Did this article help you out today? Please continue to browse the rest of this section for our latest business reads.

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