How parents can overcome problems they could often face at work

Raising a child when you also have to work can sometimes feel like another full-time job. Some parents fear that the responsibility of having a child and working full-time will lessen their opportunities for progression in the future, leading to financial and mental health issues. Others struggle with their physical wellbeing and are disengaged in the workplace. 

So, what can parents do to overcome the problems they could often face at work? More importantly, what can you (as their boss) do to help? Below, we explore four ways you can help your staff to manage parenthood and a fulfilling career at the same time.

Provide advice on financial and legal topics 

Being a parent is hard – you not only have yourself to look after, you also have one (or more) little people completely dependent on you and your life. As a result of this, financial worries such as budgeting, retirement planning, debts and mortgages may distract your employees from their work. 

Professional financial advice can help alleviate the stress that some parents may feel in regards to not being able to provide for their family. If a staff member is worried, you should arrange some professional advice and guidance – if you’re not in a position to give it yourself. 

Enquire about health and safety concerns 

Health and safety concerns can range from stress, anxiety and depression to substance abuse, gambling and domestic abuse.  Ensuring your employees aren’t in physical danger should be a top priority. If you ever suspect that a staff member is in a position that compromises their health and safety, choose a comfortable and appropriate moment to enquire and lend an open ear.

When you demonstrate that you care for their wellbeing and that you’re serious about how they can overcome their problems, they’ll feel more comfortable about approaching you with any issues they may face in the future. For staff to be happy at work, they need to be happy at home, too. 

Look into the technology that’s available

Problems at work can result in high absenteeism and loss in productivity, both of which have a devastating impact on business. So, what can be done to help tackle the issues parents are facing in and outside of work? Employee wellbeing solutions from LifeWorks could provide you with the answer.

 A modern, proactive Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) tailored to each individual is sure to relieve pressure that many parents are bound to feel. With an EAP based on mobile-first, consumer-based technology, it couldn’t be easier for staff to get in touch with a counsellor or read up on wellbeing information and advice.

Arrange regular teambuilding exercises and staff events 

Everyone needs a break from the stress of the working day! By arranging regular teambuilding exercises and staff events, you’ll be giving your employees opportunities to let their hair down and bond with the rest of the team. 

Just be sure to give enough notice so that childcare arrangements can be made. Parents deserve to have fun and experience some time to themselves, so regular teambuilding exercises and staff events make it easier for you to let this happen. 

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

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