5 key tasks you won’t need to take care of in a serviced office

When the time comes for you to shift your business under its own roof, there will be many different office options ready and waiting for you to choose between them. The more avant-garde of those include shared, co-working and “virtual” spaces – but you ought to weigh up two particular choices

The more conventional is a “leased” office, but a more flexible arrangement for newer businesses would be the “serviced” office, which would spare you needing to carry out the following tasks…

Setting up tech

A “serviced” office is so-called as many of the services your business relies on will already be set up in that office as you move into it. Those staples of corporate communication – phone lines, internet connectivity and electrical power, among other utilities – will already be open and running.

As a result, you wouldn’t need to spend time of your own approaching different providers of these utilities and arranging contractors, as bytestart.co.uk points out. You can hit the ground running.

Taking calls

Naturally, many people will be eager to phone your company. These can include potential customers and clients wanting to learn more about what you offer, as well as jobseekers interested in applying for that vacancy you have recently started advertising. Your business never wants to miss a call.

Fortunately, even during hectic periods, it doesn’t have to – as, in a serviced office, you can enjoy the peace of mind of having a ready-made reception team capable of taking calls on your firm’s behalf.

Directing visitors

Startups.co.uk points out something else that this reception team can do for you: direct visitors to where in your office they need to be. This is no small boon, whether the visitor is a client set to attend a meeting or a job applicant scheduled to be interviewed for a particular post at your company.

Sometimes, an office can feel labyrinthine to a stranger, but the reception team will know the office inside-out – and why wouldn’t they? They are permanently employed there!

Daily and nightly cleaning

Cleaning: no-one likes doing it, but it has to be done, at least for hygiene reasons. It’s especially important in an office space which employees and clients alike will often be using. After all, dirt can cause a stink in more ways than one – and, in this way, damage your company’s reputation.

Reassuringly, serviced offices often come with in-house cleaning staff. Renting a serviced office from BE Offices, for example, will allow you to benefit from such staff every day and night.


Admittedly, as your business becomes better-established, you could baulk at the prospect of being unable to, say, put up your own signage above the entrance door or paint the walls in your branding colours, as an Entrepreneur article implies is not permitted with serviced offices.

However, until you switch to the conventional, 3-to-5-year lease of a traditional office, you could easily appreciate not having to set aside time and money just for tinkering with your office’s look.

Image: Rebrand Cities

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