Why video is the best way to sell in 2019

When running a business, especially with many other responsibilities to consider as well, you could be easily excused for wondering how exactly you are supposed to spend your marketing money. After all, you might have exhausted many of the obvious options already.

How can you stand out in a marketplace where many other businesses are striving to do the same? Surprisingly or not, shooting some video footage could be the answer.

You could provide some instructional, “how to” videos

Often, people turn to YouTube in search of such videos, as Econsultancy points out. Many of us are eager to improve ourselves in one way or another – but, sometimes, we need a face-to-face teacher rather than blocks of soulless text in a book. This is where video can make a crucial difference…

Consider the example of the women’s workout apparel retailer Sweaty Betty, which has uploaded various helpful videos, replicating its in-store exercises classes, to its YouTube channel.

Target obscure, easy-to-overlook markets

Many of us love the idea of tucking into a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. However, for the lactose-intolerant among us, eating anything from such a tub might, at first, seem like a big no-no. Fortunately, perhaps to your surprise, Ben & Jerry’s does offer non-dairy options.

Cleverly, the brand itself has highlighted this in a YouTube video which people could come across when using Google to look for lactose-free food – and it helps that the video adopts a comedic tone.

You can avoid overly sales-driven pitches

How ironic that you can more easily sell to people when, well, you aren’t so open about your attempts to sell to them. The luxury clothing brand Ted Baker obviously took note of this, hence its video series ‘Keeping Up With The Bakers’, which is closer to an ongoing drama than a blatant ad.

On film, we see the Baker family on their entry into a new suburban house – and, with a 360-degree video, viewers can click on featured Ted Baker items to add them to their basket.

You can give… well, just some general life advice

You might like the thought of putting together a video series, but how can you be confident that viewers will keep returning for new instalments? You could take inspiration from the organisational app Evernote, which has launched a video series titled ‘The Ever Better Challenge’.

Each video includes tips which viewers can act on simply to improve their lives – though, of course, if you stick around long enough, you might opt to buy one of Evernote’s premium plans…

You can provide immediacy with a live video

Thanks to the rise of video-streaming platforms like Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope, live video has really taken off as a medium. Social Media Examiner offers a few tips for spicing up your own live video, like offering exclusive discounts and pitching your products through live demonstrations.

Alternatively, the influencer marketing agency Socially Powerful could help you find an expert capable of doing this legwork on your behalf.

Photo by Donald Tong from Pexels

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