The Tasty Delight: 8 Refreshments No Office Should Be Without

Company refreshments are a sure fire way to impress potential employees, important guests and even your own staff. Therefore creating the ultimate cache of goods can help set your company up for success.

Most firms seem content with the office coffee machine, and while that’s a vital appliance in office break rooms, it’s really only the beginning. Following you’ll find the eight snacks or refreshments no office should be without.


While yes, it can be a bit odiferous when someone burns it, the benefits outweigh the smell. It’s a snack that is not only filling, but is full of fiber. A good office manager will stock both the buttery flavors and the 100 calorie bags for people trying to eat healthy.


From almonds and cashews to the good old standard peanuts, nuts are healthy, providing essential fats to our bodies. Additionally, they’re a nutritional jackpot with protein, fiber and Omega-3 acids. Easy to pick up between meetings or calls, they’re also neat, causing no real mess.


Fresh fruit has a number of beneficial elements, including reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke or improving bone strength. A healthy, sweet treat, fresh fruit can be delivered to the office or picked up on a daily basis. Remember, there are more fruits than the usual apples, oranges and bananas. Pick up a few pears, grapes and cold watermelon to bring a smile to your office place.


The etc signifies how many different types of bars available in the marketplace today. From the Cliff Bars and KIND bars to breakfast bars and granola bars, an ample supply should be kept on hand in both the break room or in one’s desk. They’re small, easy to display and simple to grab on the go.


We’re going to lump these together due to the crunch factor. No, they’re not necessarily a healthy snack, although in moderation, there’s certainly nothing wrong with it. Add some peanut butter to the mix and you have a great pick-me-up for down days. The peanut butter adds some protein to the mix and tastes great, too. When looking at chips, consider Sun Chips and baked varieties for a bit more of a healthy go-to.


Again, like the coffee maker, it’s easy to put in a vending machine and let the workers pick what they will. However, it’s an awesome boss who’ll provide drinks for the crew. Consider the typical Coke/Pepsi/Sprite/Diet Coke varieties, but also think outside the vending machine. Providing juice, sparkling and flavored waters are an excellent idea, and a water cooler is also great for those who want their H2O straight up. A water cooler is a better option than bottled water for the environment alone!


What a great alternative, especially if you have to grab lunch on the go. Provide a number of different flavors and even a couple of Greek yogurts, as well. When looking at selection, also consider purchasing a few of the low-fat variety as well as those were fat and calorie are not a consideration.


Trail mix is not just for hiking anymore. Instead, it’s a fantastic snack to keep one going during the day. Mixed with almonds, peanuts and dried fruits, trail mix is liked by a large part of the population. Keep in mind, it’s not always a healthy choice, but it can be. Perhaps you should provide the versions both with and without the M&Ms.

By providing your workers with both healthy and fun alternatives to the local convenience store, you keep your employees and visitors happy and appreciated.

Image by Thomas Breher from Pixabay

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