3 Ways to Increase Your Businesses Reach While Working from Home

Working from home is a major life goal for a lot of people, including both entrepreneurs who like the idea of being independent, and setting their own schedules, and also busy parents, who can’t afford to disappear down to the office every day, but who can spend some of their precious (and rare) free time working at a laptop.

But what if you’re interested in working from home, while also having a broader business reach? What if you want to run a national, or international business, but can’t currently afford to spend your time travelling the world, or spending a big chunk of each day in an office?

Here are a few ideas on how to increase your business reach while working from home.


Get some employees and vehicles, and develop a premium “outcall” service


Depending on the nature of your business, it’s possible that you could run your main operations from home, but then also hire some employees, get a commercial vehicle from a company like https://www.edencommercialsltd.co.uk/locations/cumbria, and develop a premium “outreach” service.

Sure, this will take a bit of work, but it can be pretty rewarding. Maybe you run a small consulting business, and a customer halfway across the country wants to have an in person meeting before deciding whether to use your services.

In this case, a specially trained staff member could go and do the meeting on your behalf, and you could do the key work from home.

Or, maybe you run a small part-time restaurant from home, but you can only afford to be open for a couple of hours a day, and have a limited number of people in the local area who would be interested in stopping by. Hiring someone with a van or car to do deliveries for you could allow you to advertise on bigger websites, and sell a lot more via takeaway orders.


Involve yourself in web-based knowledge work that allows you to work for people across vast distances


Web-based work is the gold standard when it comes to working from home, and having a large reach. This is because you typically won’t be limited by basic infrastructure and logistical issues. Instead, you’ll often be able to provide your services to people across the country, or across the world, just as easily as you would to someone living three doors down from you.

You could work as a freelance writer or graphics designer, or as a trainer who does consultations via video call.

In any case, moving your career in this direction can open a lot of doors.


Make your professional outings count – become a presence at trade fairs and similar events


It may be that occasional professional outings could go a long way in helping to expand your reach, and brand reputation. It’s just a matter of making those outings really count, so that you can still manage to spend most of your time at home.

A good idea here could be to identify the biggest trade fairs and relevant professional gatherings for you, and then book yourself a stall.

Even just going to 3 or 4 of these kinds of events a year might really help to make your business into a presence that people recognise.

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