Business and Budgeting: Where Startups Should Spend Their Money

As a startup business you have plenty of costs to cover to get yourself up and running, but without a huge budget to do so which can cause a bit of a dilemma. For this reason, it’s important to know where you should be spending your money for the most impact, and where savings can be made. Here are three areas where it makes no sense to scrimp, and the investment is worth it.

Good quality equipment

Starting out with the right equipment will set you up for success. If you’re an office based business, this will be things like computers, printers and office phones. If you’re a printing company it will be a high quality commercial printer. If you’re an agriculture business, you’ll need the right farm equipment from sites like Work out exactly what you’ll need and then do your research to find the best deals. It’s not to say you need everything brand new, used equipment can sometimes be excellent while saving you massively on the RRP. You could even look into hiring equipment if you’re new to business and want to get started right away without a whole lot of money in the bank,

Hiring the right staff

Hiring the right staff for your business is a process. It takes time, and there are costs involved- but don’t scrimp here. Finding the right people is crucial- their experience and hard work could be what you need to make your venture a success. The money will be spent on advertising the role, you then have the time involved in interviewing. And as we know in business, time is money. From there you will need to cover the costs of training, and then pay them a fair wage along with employee benefits. This will ensure people feel secure at work, they’re more likely to stay with you long term instead of seeking out better jobs elsewhere. A high staff turnover rate is really detrimental to your business- it reduces morale, and means you have to cover recruitment and training costs all over again.

Renting the right premises

Your workplace is so important, the four walls in which you do business can be crucial to your success. If you’re a retail business for example, you’ll need the right spot on the highstreet to make the most of foot traffic. If you’re a manufacturing or production company, you’ll need good transport links to haul goods to and fro. Spend time considering what you need from a premises, and be sure to find one that’s right for you. The wrong size, location or lack of accessibility are things that could eventually lead to your downfall as a business.

Where did you spend the most money when you first started up your business? What other areas were a priority for you?

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