7 Top Tips for Winning Clients for Your Business

Need more high-paying clients, or just more clients in general? You probably think you’ve got your sales-pitch down to fine art, but have you? The reality is, many businesses simply aren’t making the most of their sales and lead-generation process. If you want to start winning more potential clients and customers for your business, you’re in the right place. Let’s look at how to get it done so that your business can grow and make the money that you need it to:

  1. Have a great sales team

Your ability to generate sales (and leads) will obviously start with your sales team. So if you want to succeed, you need a good one. Far too many businesses rely on poor quality sales teams and wonder why they aren’t getting the results they want. Don’t be one of them.

Anyone can get into sales, so that means the quality of your team can vary dramatically. Make sure your interview and hiring processes are on point so that you only hire the best – with relevant experience.

If you’ve already got a team you aren’t completely happy with – all isn’t lost. You CAN retrain and help your current sales workers get better. Make sure nobody comes across as a pushy salesperson, but make sure everyone is motivated to make sales. One of the best ways to motivate your salesforce is to make sure they’ve got a vested financial interest in making sales. After all, people go to work to earn money so they should be on commission at a reasonable level. That’s how many successful sales teams are paid, and for good reason. It generates results.

  1. Make your benefits clear

When you’re trying to convince potential customers or clients, you need to make sure the benefits they’re going to get are as clear as possible. You might think it’s obvious, but it might not be to everyone. Spell it out so the benefits are clear and everyone knows exactly why they want to do business with you. You can also try out the best free marketing proposal template around.

  1. Offer a guarantee

One good way to get rid of anyone’s last-minute objections is to offer a guarantee. Either a money-back one or something similar. Make sure they’ve got no reason to say no, as they’re not risking anything. That’s how guarantees can help.

  1. Reduce your prices

Another way to finally convince someone to start doing business with you who might previously have been unsure is to offer reduced rates or a discount. The cost of something is one area where many people back down, so reducing it could help.

  1. Use testimonials

If you can let people know how happy other customers and clients have been with your business, it could help convince them. That’s why testimonials can be so powerful. Especially if it’s from someone they know or recognise.

  1. Over-deliver

Don’t just do a good job, do a great one. Over-deliver and people will be happy to spread the work and tell even more people about how great you are.

  1. Make sure they’re happy

Don’t let any of your clients leave your business unhappy. Make sure everyone gets what they want and they’ll help by being positive about your business.

Image by missavana from Pixabay

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