Compliance Checklist For Small Companies

Building your own small business is no mean feat. When it comes to making a success of yourself and being able to forge your own unique career, there are so many different elements to bring together and different methods you can use to build your empire.

One of the parts of a new business which you might not think about right away is known as compliance. This is the legal stuff and the regulations which are needed to ensure you are conducting your business in a safe and legal way. Today we are going to take a look at a few of the things you need to bring to your company this year for compliance.

Code of conduct

From the moment you hire your first employee, you will need to have a code of conduct in place for them to follow in the workplace. A code of conduct is a way of making sure that your employees behave in a professional manner around the office and that they are reliable and trusted. It is important when making a code of conduct that you outline what employees can and cannot do, so that if someone ever breaks the rules you can point them to this and show them what they have done wrong.

Emergency procedure

Although it is a rare event and it is unlikely to ever happen in the workplace, fires are dangerous. It is important that from day one you have marked our a fire exit to escape the building, and that you have the ability to exit safely and count the heads of people in your office safely. Be sure to also place the procedure and a fire extinguisher in an easily accessible place.


When it comes to compliance for a business, it is not only others that you aim to protect. If you deal with clients every day and if you are in the financial sector, a KYC Check can be essential. Know Your Customer is a Check which will be done on any new client who is either from a high risk country or form an unknown source. It will ensure that their financial history, criminal history and everything else is safe and sound. It will allow you as a business to deal with a client safe in the knowledge that they won’t do something stupid or not be able to pay you back.

Privacy policy

Every man and his dog has a website these days, and when we have a website it is important for us to have a privacy policy. A privacy policy will outline how your company will use client data, what you can and can’t do, and how long you will keep their data on record. It is something which is essential to have on board because it will allow you to refer back to this if someone ever makes a complaint against you. It will act as a handy protective shield for you and your business.  allow you to refer back to this if someone ever makes a complaint against you. It will act as a handy protective shield for you and your business.

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