In The Business Of Eliminating Mum Guilt

When it comes to building a business around your baby, the chances are that you’ll fall foul to the notorious mum guilt. This beastly word is liable to rear its ugly head whenever you miss a sick day or have to get someone else to collect your kid. You know, deep down, that you’re working to create a decent life for your family. But, more often than not, you likely dwell on the damage your career could be doing.

Sadly, we can’t wave a wand and magic your guilt away. So, does this mean you should stop trying to build a business? Not at all. One day, your youngster will be really proud of their mum. What it does mean is that you might want to think about the business you embark on.

By choosing your enterprise wisely, you could eliminate mum guilt for the most part. All you need to do is consider business options for making the world a better place. That way, each time you feel guilty, you’ll have something to fall back on which can ease all your worries. But, what business undertakings could achieve that goal?


What better way to banish mum guilt than develop cures for some of our worst diseases? It’ll be tough to feel bad when you’re knee deep in a solid phase extraction which could lead to life changing medications. Equally, starting a hospital should stop you feeling bad for not getting Harry from nursery. Starting a business in near any aspect of healthcare could see you forging a better future. Plus, you can bring your medical knowledge home if baby gets sick. It’s a win, win which leaves no room for guilt.


Education is another fantastic option. This works in two ways. Embarking on the business of education both helps you shape the future generations, and ensures school is a valuable experience for your youngster. Even better, there are a whole host of business opportunities here. You could go all out by opening a top-quality school in your area. Or, you may prefer to stay in the background with an educational consulting company. In every case, you can bet that you’ll be shaping a better world for your baby.

A business of your own invention

If you can’t find a job which changes the world enough for your liking, why not create one? If you have a creative mind and a good idea, you could change the way we live, thus improving your child’s life. Think about some of the great inventions we’ve already had – electricity, the world wide web, the lighter. You get the idea; these are things we all rely on for modern living. And, if you have that lightbulb moment, you too could create something which makes lives easier for future generations. This option isn’t for the faint of heart, but it can satisfy your creation and curb mum guilt like nothing else.

So, be gone mum guilt. There’s a new business in town!

Photo by Ana Francisconi from Pexels

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