How Convenient Is Your Firm?

Consider your firm from the eyes of those who might engage in its business. We’re talking about your potential clients, customers, those who return time and time again to take part in your services. These are the people who might care about your product line, or could potentially care about it. They’re looking for many things from your business.

Of course, labelling those things is fairly obvious. Your safety standards might be extremely high. Perhaps you have a quick turnaround for booking work. Maybe your prices are right, and your branding is always pleasant to see and interact with. But it can also be that convenience is a massive factor here.

Convenience can come into play through many factors. Without it, even the best product line can suffer. From the first moment that your business comes into the head of someone wishing to make a purchase or book a service, they will next think about what it will take to get there. This is why businesses such as Amazon have been so successful – they prioritize convenience above all.

Let us consider how you might implement this in your own business development plans.


It should, ideally, only take moments between the idea of your firm as a viable option coming to the minds of your audience, and them being able to execute a purchase. This means that you need to always remain online, and have the best mobile app or mobile-browser-friendly utility, and you can develop that with Xibis This can allow anyone, no matter where they are, to conduct a purchase, assign delivery, or book in an appointment. With bespoke app development utilizing a service such as Xibis, you can find what the latest trends are in the app world, and try to utilize the new means of appealing to an audience.

Support Requests

The idea of contacting customer support is starting to shift. More and more people live busier and busier lives, and to that extent they often dislike the idea of spending half an hour on the phone trying to contact someone. This is where implementing social media IM reach can be appropriate. Not only can a direct message be responded to in near-real time, but it can also function as a form of email. Both Facebook and Twitter offer this functionality, but there are other services that do. This way you can also encourage your audience to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ your social media main business or support page, helping you deliver messages and updates whenever necessary. To us, that’s convenience personified.

Allow Account Management

A service that allows customers or guests to create online accounts can be the one that offers their audience a great degree of flexibility when it comes to their experience. Opting in to certain programmes or recommendations, making use of promotions, returning items automatically, bulk buying and changing the contact details of their profile can ensure that no matter what, you will always be in contact with your potential visitors. This can ensure the outreach feels natural, and never forced.

With this advice, you’re sure to make your firm much more convenient.

Image: Unsplash

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