How To Create The Perfect Home Office

Working from home is increasingly becoming a favourable option for most people. Not only does it cut down on commuting – and the costs and pollution involved – but it also means that you have a more flexible work life, and that you and your boss can both save yourselves some money. It’s ideal, right? Whether you’re working from home every day, though, or only once a week, you need a place where you can actually get the job done. Here’s how to create the perfect home office.

Choose where you’ll put it

Sometimes, people have a room that they just know will make a great home office. You know the one: the small spare bedroom, just crying out to be made into a place for you to get your work done. However, others have to get a bit more inventive here, and fit a desk in where they can. Maybe it’s in your living room or dining room, or even in the kitchen. Wherever you can fit it in, and work peacefully, you can pretty much create your home office, so think about your options.

Get a desk and a comfortable chair

The main thing to factor in when you’re putting together your home office is comfort. If you’re going to be sitting there for an extensive time period each week whilst you’re working, then you can’t use that old, uncomfortable wooden chair. Pick out one that is good for your back, and allows you to focus on what you’re doing. If you want to save cash and make your desk (or chair) yourself, then get some specialist screws, and some recycled wood, and try your hand at DIY.

Paint the room a light colour

There is nothing worse when it comes to that home office, than looking at those dark, drab walls, and thinking, ‘God, do I really have to sit in here for another 8 hours?’ Your office should be relaxing, light, and modern, and you don’t need to splash the cash to make it that way. Simply get a tin of lightly coloured paint, paint the walls, and add in a cream carpet, too. If it’s a small room, it won’t cost you a lot, but it will make your life a lot better when you’re working from home.

Think about the lighting

Another thing to consider is the lighting, and this especially applies if you’re usually still working when the evening comes around. You don’t want to cause yourself any eye strain problems, but you equally don’t want to feel like you’re sitting in a dentist’s chair, so try to find a lighting solution that allows you to work well, but isn’t too harsh. Too little light, and you’ll be falling asleep, but too much, and you’ll be feeling ill as a result, so try out some different options here.

So, if you want to create the perfect home office, then try out some of these simple things, and enjoy the excitement (and the fridge) that comes with working from home!

Image credit: Pexels

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