Career Ideas For Those Who Love The Outdoors

Generally, when we think about work, we picture sitting in an office, typing away behind a computer. We picture wearing a suit, going to meetings, sitting on the train on the way home (next to somebody with poor hygiene practices), and we picture doing it all over again the very next day. Whilst this is something that many people experience throughout their careers, the truth is that you can get a job in the great outdoors.

But what are they, you ask? Here are some of the options.


One of the best jobs that is out there for lovers of the outdoors is being a lifeguard. Although you do have to keep an eye out – this is kind of your job – to check that nobody is drowning, you’ll also be spending most of your time chilling out, and enjoying the heat. Of course, you need to have the relevant qualifications, and you also need to be willing to jump into the pool (or the sea) to save somebody, but apart from that, you’re all good to go. Get us to the beach, please.

Image: Jaymanti


OK, so farming may not have been at the top of your list. But with the fields as your ‘office’, what kind of nature lover wouldn’t want to sign up for this? Not only do you get to experience being outdoors all of the time, but you also get discounted Red Diesel Fuelbox costs – a special fuel that is tax-free for those who work in these kinds of industries – and you’re always sure to be in a job, as people need farmers. It sounds like a pretty ideal role to us, now where’s that tractor gone?


This one is left out of most discussions about outdoor careers, but being a landscape gardener is actually a super fun job to have. Not only are you making people’s gardens look great, but you also get to spend all day surrounded by wildlife and flowers, which is definitely good for the soul. Whilst you may think that you’ll have no work in winter, there are still plenty of garden jobs that people need; whether it’s raking up leaves, or shovelling snow, you’ll always have work.

Dog walker

You can rely upon us to leave the best career choices until last now, can’t you? Being a dog walker is certainly one of the most exciting things that you can do, especially if you’re a lover of animals. Not only will you get to up your fitness levels due to the fact that you’re constantly walking, but you will also get to hang out with dogs all of the time, too. We don’t really need to tell you why this is the best job ever, it just is. Definitely apply for these roles if you can do so!

So, if you love the outdoors, then try out one of these career ideas. Whether you’re being a lifeguard and enjoying the beach, or walking dogs out in the park, you’ll be able to say goodbye to that office job!

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