Do Your Bit For The Environement With These Green Business Tips

It would be pretty difficult and irresponsible to ignore the current state of the environment, and as a business, you have a responsibility to do what you can do to minimise the effect that you are having on the world around you. There is a huge misconception that it is something that only large corporations should concern themselves with. Smaller businesses may think that their efforts won’t make a difference, but every change, no matter how small it is, will make a huge impact in the long term.

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed, here are a few environmentally friendly things you can do within your business.

  1. Keep an eye on the land you are running your business from

Checking the land you occupy, for water, sewerage and chemical leaks is something you should be doing as a matter of routine, as if left untreated, these problems not only pose a hazard to the environment, but to your premises and your health. If you aren’t;t quite sure what you are looking for, get the professionals in, who can also suggest a course of remediation if necessary. Any waste should be disposed of responsibly. Checking and fixing water leaks will also help to reduce your bills, so it is a win all around.

  1. Use green cleaning products

Having a clean and sanitized workspace is essential for most businesses, but those harsh chemicals you use for cleaning end up in our water system or contributing to the destruction of our ozone layer. Thankfully, manufacturers seem to have cottoned on to this and eco-friendly cleaning products are readily available on the market. You don’t need anything fancy though – in most cases, a simple solution made up of white vinegar and water will work.

  1. Invest in other methods of power

One of the most harmful things that we can do for the environment is to use traditional forms of coal or oil based power to supply our business. It may cost money to your business to start with, but consider investing in solar panels. In most cases, they pay for themselves within a year or so, and some energy companies ‘buy back’ any excess energy that you produce, meaning in the long term, they may not only save you money but make you money!

  1. Avoid single-use plastic

Workplaces are one of the most significant users of single-use plastic, probably down to the convenience of using coffee pods, plastic cups, plastic water bottles etc., but where possible, avoid using these. Bulk buy some cheap mugs – you could even have them branded with your business logo, and use bean to cup coffee machines rather than ones that use pods. Every piece of throwaway plastic that you don’t use is helping the environment in a big way.

As you can see, there are multiple ways in which you can do your bit for the environment while running a business.  Most of them will save you money and help your business in the long run too!

Image: Pexels

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