Keeping Your Business Warm While Keeping Your Costs Down

Boilers aren’t the most exciting topic in the world, right? But they are essential for your business and your comfort, so read on to discover more on how to keep your business warm yet your costs down.

Old Boilers Versus New Boilers

Boiler services are offered by heating companies will either help keep your old boiler in good, working condition or can provide you with a brand new boiler. Choosing whether to keep your old boiler and upgrade with the likes of thermal integration or opt for a new one is a decision with financial implications that could last years, so a decision should be reached after consulting the relevant information.

Firstly, new boilers offer efficiency that older boilers just cannot compete with. For example, some homes and businesses in the UK still use older boilers that may be running at 60% to 65% heating efficiency. Essentially, that means that for every £100 spent on gas or oil, about £30 to £35 is wasted. That’s a lot of money to be throwing away. By comparison, today’s modern energy efficient boilers, which have to meet certain government and environmental regulations, can achieve over 90% heating efficiency. That means a modern boiler could save you hundreds of pounds on your central heating bill every year, perhaps even more depending on the condition of your current boiler.

While many people are put off by the price associated with new boiler installation, the reality is that you’ll make your money back on this investment in just a few years. On top of that, you’ll also have a modern, fully functioning gas boiler as opposed to an older boiler, which may be on the brink of breaking down and requiring costly servicing and repairs. Therefore, if your boiler is ten years or older, it’s worth replacing it with a modern boiler. There are many boiler installation companies who can help you with this matter.

Always Get A Quote

Boiler replacement services are incredibly popular – particularly during those months before the cold snap sets in. Nobody likes the thought of an old, faulty boiler keeping them ‘warm’ throughout the winter. But before you look to get a new gas boiler installed, get quotes from potential central heating engineers.

Quotes are an important way of protecting your rights. If you phone up someone to come out at short notice without a quote, you’re trusting that they’re going to charge you a fair amount for the job. However, some people are opportunists and will try to squeeze a few extra pennies when performing a boiler installation or when they replace combi boiler parts.

Always seek out a quote for any building or central heating work that you’re getting done. This also leaves the ball firmly in your court. You could seek quotes from a number of local contractors to determine which is the best suited to your budget. However, you should also consider other factors such as reputation, experience, and the quality of installation that you’re going to receive. A poorly installed gas boiler could come back to bite you in the future. Local contractors are definitely how you should go if you’re looking to save money. Large energy companies who offer to replace your boiler will charge multiple expenses on top of the installation job due to their large overheads. And, lastly, you should always get a free quote for replacement boilers – there is no need to pay for one.

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