Tight Startup Budget? Here’s How to Maintain Your Image

Startup owners definitely struggle to find the balance between saving money and preparing for a dip in sales and maintaining a credible and professional image. While flashy office supplies and a beautiful office space definitely costs a lot, it’s also the kind of image you’d like to portray when trying to woo potential clients; if not, how else are they going to fall for your business?

Luckily, there are ways to gain the kind of credibility your small startup is looking for without spending too much on it. Here is a handful of tips to get you started so that you can feel a bit more confident the next time you head off for a business meeting.

Prioritise high quality

As a brand new startup, you have the luxury of being able to focus on each individual customer to a degree which a large company simply won’t be able to do. This is often why they fall in love with your business, to begin with, so show your very first fans some love by making sure that everything you deliver is of the highest quality.

There are two good reasons for this. Firstly, you’d like to establish a great relationship with every customer you get right from the start. Friendly service and excellent products are just the building blocks to this so make sure that your business is focusing on this before anything else.

Secondly, customers tend to talk about new and small businesses with each other, and you should make absolutely sure that they only say good words about your friendly team and fantastic service.

Another way of ensuring high quality is, of course, to make sure that you have a clean and tidy office space without ruining your entire budget. Have a look at Allcott Commercial, for example, and keep in mind that how you decorate your office also has an impact on its image.

Focus on transparency

Yet, there is no way of guaranteeing that you never make a slight hiccup once in a while and there’s really no point in trying to stop the complaints from coming in either. This is how you’re going to learn, after all, and attempting to censor the complaints online will only make matters worse.

To appear as credible and professional as possible, it’s important that you own up to your mistakes and ensure that your business is able to improve and move on afterwards. Have a look at this article for some tips on how to handle complaints and ensure that you’re running a transparent business.

Remember to outsource the tasks you’re not able to hire an entire team for, by the way, instead of skimping on this by making an untrained employee handle it. This is a sure way to lose credibility when your employee makes a mistake – and it will cause you more trouble than it’s worth.

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