Making Sure Nothing Falls Apart At The Office When Your Nursery Calls

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Thanks to recent advancements, more young moms than ever before are breaking away from employment and going it alone. On the surface, this can seem risky indeed. Parents of young families have enough on their plates already, without adding a business to the mix. In reality, though, owning a business is often a more viable option than joining the daily grind. When you work for an employer, you’re tied to the office at set times. You may even come up against opposition whenever you try to put your family first. The moment you become boss, though, issues like these become a thing of your past. There certainly won’t be anyone waiting to punish you for turning up after nursery drop-off.

That said, you can’t assume your business will function smoothly if you run out the moment you get a sick call or similar from your kiddy’s nursery. You may well want to put plans in place for if that happens. That way, you could be there for both your family and your enterprise. But, what are these plans, and how can you make sure that they’ve got you covered?

Employ only the best

First, focus on your employment. If you rush or cut corners here, it could cause a few issues when you leave the office. For one, untrained team members could get themselves into a mess if left alone. You may also find that some employees take your absence as an excuse to stop working. Make sure neither of these happens by taking your time to find only the best employees. You could do this with thorough employment methods, or simply by turning to a recruitment service like DSC Personnel who do the screening for you. With a reliable team in place, you can rest easy that work will be finished to high standards, even if you’re out.

Implement a second in command

Having a second in command is essential no matter your personal life. But, it can be especially useful when you need to put your family first at all times. Once you train this person up, you won’t even need to think twice before leaving. You can rest easy that, no matter how long you need to leave, they’ll be there taking care of things for you. Even if your child was sick and had to come home, your second in command could hold the fort while you worked from home. It doesn’t get better than that for ease of flexibility.

Photo by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash

Set your team up well each day

It’s also worth noting that setting your team up at the start of each day could be a huge help here. By hosting a morning meeting or sending out a delegation email each morning, you make sure everyone knows what they need to do all day long. They’ll then be able to keep on top of this list whether you’re around or not. Nursery calling? Not a problem! You’ll be able to head out without worrying even a little.

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