How a Storage Unit Could Help Your Small Business

Finding the right space to run your small business can be quite a conundrum. You’ve probably already discovered the problems in running everything from home, and assumed renting other space to be prohibitively expensive.

A self storage unit may be exactly the answer you’re looking for, but have never so far considered. These are some of the reasons why:

Wise Use of Time

You don’t have to do official time and motion studies to realise that effective use of time is a big part of success in business. If you’re forever searching for lost stock items, hunting through reams of paper for necessary documents, or repeating operations, the business isn’t running as efficiently as it should.

A storage unit can help with time efficiency, especially for online retailers who divide their time between computer work and physical stock handling. By renting a storage unit slightly larger than you need for stock, you have space for a desk, and room to check orders, do packing, and prepare stock for dispatch. It saves time running between office and storage, and as most storage companies are situated along main roads, you minimise travel time.

Enhanced Security

When you’re just starting out, home storage often seems like the most sensible and obvious solution. On further investigation, however, the disadvantages can soon outweigh the initial attractions. Things to consider that are not immediately obvious include:

  • Large delivery vehicles having restricted access.
  • Kerbs, driveways, and gates impeding safe delivery.
  • Stacked boxes presenting trip or tumble hazards to younger family members.
  • Potential for family members to help themselves to stock items, or confuse inventory numbers by moving stock around.
  • Disruption to work/life balance because you’re always living amongst your work.

A storage unit solves all these potential problems, as well as offering enhanced security (which may lower insurance premiums although you should check that with your insurer) when compared to keeping stock in your garage, shed or loft.

A Flexible Solution

Self storage allows you to rent exactly the space you need when you need it.

This is especially helpful to businesses that deal in physical stock. In the early days, it’s hard to gauge exactly how much space you’ll need or how fast stock will sell. Having the ability to quickly add a little extra space if it’s needed can mean the difference between maximising or losing an opportunity.

Renting a storage unit also provides you with more financial control as you’re not locked into long term contracts. If your forecasts predict an upcoming income slump, you can quickly avert potential disaster by changing your storage space arrangements and cutting costs.

Cost Effective

Storage units offer an affordable solution to businesses that either don’t need or want extensive storage such as warehousing. Storage companies welcome business owners looking for stock storage and will often go the extra mile to help. Some, for instance, will accept deliveries on your behalf if you can’t be there when it arrives.

Other financial advantages over warehousing include not having to pay business rates, and no additional costs for utilities or services.

If you’re struggling to manage stock and maintain an accurate inventory, self storage units are worth investigating. With competitive prices and flexible terms, many business owners find they open doors to expansion that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

Image: Palo Cech

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