Your USPS Service: 7 Steps to Sending a Certified Letter Successfully

Sending a certified letter is a great way to get important documents to someone, especially if you need proof that they received the mailing. The United States Postal Service has been offering this service to its customers for decades, delivering millions of certified letters to the recipients on time and with proof of delivery.

In the past, sending a letter via certified mail required a cumbersome process that was time-consuming and stressful if you didn’t know what you were doing. You may have had to wait in long lines and fill out forms by hand with repeated information multiple times. Now, however, you can send a certified letter successfully in 7 easy steps.

What is a Certified Letter Used For?

 Before you take the time to learn how to mail your letter certified, be sure that this is the method that you need. There are other ways to send mail and still have proof of delivery, so take a minute to understand what certified letters are generally used for. If you’re not sure whether or not you need to use certified mail for your document, this will help you make the decision.

Certified mail is used for the following reasons:

1 . If you need to receive proof of postage, you can use a certified letter. Important documents that need to be received by a deadline, such as your tax filings or important bills, should be sent via certified mail. This helps you track your mail at each stage of the process and gives the intended recipient proof that you did your part. You can see how long it takes for your document to get there and have the peace of mind of knowing it was received.

2 . If you need to ensure something is delivered, certified mail is the way to go. Millions of letters are sent every day through the USPS. With this tremendous influx of mail constantly going in and out, it becomes statistically possible for the USPS to lose or misplace your envelope. With certified mail, you can ensure that your mailing was delivered and track it every step of the way.

3. When you need to ensure that your document is not accidentally tossed with the junk mail, certified mail is a good choice. Nowadays most people only get mail they are expecting and junk mail. If yours doesn’t quite fall in either of these categories, it may get tossed with the junk. Instead, be sure it stands out as important by sending it certified.

4. If you need a signature confirmation of receipt. Certified mail automatically requires a signature from the recipient when it is delivered. If the person is not available, they will receive a notice that they have a certified letter waiting for them and they can then schedule a time to have it delivered or pick it up.

If your needs for your mailing falls into any of these categories, keep reading on for the 7 easy steps to send a certified letter successfully without stepping a foot in the post office.

How to Send Certified Mail

 Isn’t technology wonderful? That long line that you once had to wait in while filling out multiple forms to send a certified letter is a thing of the past. Now you can do it online from the comfort of your home and only have to leave to put the letter in the mailbox.

Here’s how you can send certified mail directly from your computer:

1. Sign up for a free account at a web business that offers USPS Certified Mail delivery. Be sure to find one that does not require monthly fees. Shop around and check the prices that each business charges until you find one you are satisfied with. Reputable businesses have prices comparable to the post office.

2 . Decide whether you want the web business to mail your letter or you want to do it yourself. Some mail services offer the option of online pdf scanning and mailing. This means that you can scan your document, upload it to your account, pay for the delivery fees, and the service will mail the letter that same day. Otherwise, you can purchase certified mail envelopes ahead of time and then pay for and print a label.

3. Prepare your letter. Create and compile your document. Scan and upload it if you have chosen to allow the web service to send your mail to you.

4. Add the address and information. Use your web service to import the addresses from your address book or manually insert them yourself. You will also need to know the weight of your package.

5. Print the forms. Now you need to choose the USPS service that you want to use. Certified mail is only available with Domestic First Class and Priority Mail. Then you can choose to receive an electronic return receipt. Once you choose your preferred method of delivery, your web business will compile all of the information that you provided and either print and send it themselves or you can print it from your printer on the envelopes you had ordered earlier.

6. Affix the labels correctly. Be sure you put the labels on as shown in the image on your computer. Save any receipts if applicable.

7. Mail your letter. Your mail carrier can now pick up your certified letter and send it out for processing and delivery. You didn’t have to write anything by hand, fill out copious forms in triplicate, wait in a long line, or even leave your home.

For Those Important Papers, Use Certified Mail

 Sometimes, the thought of dealing with the post office is simply overwhelming, especially if you live in an area where the lines are always long. When that happens, you may have decided that the document that you needed to send really didn’t have to have to go via certified mail, and that may have been a wrong choice that caused you difficulties later.

Now, you don’t have to make that decision. Instead, simply sign up for online mail service and you can submit all of your important documents without any inconveniences.

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