Buying Vs Hiring: Which is The Best Remedy for Your Generator Problems

It can be upsetting to have your power go off when you need it most. But power failure is a tragedy any savvy home or business owner should be prepared for. No one wants to lose revenue due to a blackout or have their party ruined because of an outage.  Luckily, there’s a simple remedy for it; a backup power source— most times a generator. There are different types of these, the most popular ones being the diesel generators which are an economical and convenient option.

But which is the most cost-effective solution— a hire or a purchase? Well, whether you settle for a purchase or a rental will depend on several factors from availability to finances and maintenance, but eventually, it’s you to determine what will work best.

While there are indeed a few advantages that come with a rental generator, discover why buying will save you more dollars in the long run.

The Many Perks of a Purchase

 1-Instant Automatic Backup for Your Home

Power cuts can ruin your entire life at home; and lack of electricity means no lighting, no power for entertainment equipment, no security, and you won’t be able to use all your electronic household appliances.

Having a personal diesel generator, and not depending on rentals, makes sure you have immediate household backup power. You can have a technician make an automatic connection made such that your generator kicks into action as soon as your home power cuts, so your food stays fresh, security systems stay live, and those with health concerns involving the use of electrically-powered medical gadgets are not in danger.

 2-An Extra Layer of Insurance for Your Businesses

You know well your business needs and what a few hours of blackout could to your bottom line.  Think how much you’ll have lost by the time you order and have the backup power source installed and you’ll realize buying your own is a solid investment.

Apart from instant backup power, a personal generator adds another layer of insurance to your business by making sure you stay in operation uninterrupted. That way, revenue that’s strictly dependent on power supply keeps flowing in. All firms that offer online services, malls, farming, mining, farming, hospitals services (mostly those that power life-saving machines) or business that serve in areas prone to power failure, can depend on generators.

Furthermore, generators also offer protection from voltage fluctuations in power grid to safeguard delicate equipment from sudden failure. Having a standby generator gives your businesses a competitive edge.

3-The Cost-Effective remedy

In the long run, you’ll realize buying your home or business generator is a cheaper alternative. Hires can be expensive, depending on how frequent you’ll need one, the supplier’s rates and many other factors.

Some hires don’t offer transport so that’s an extra cost you’ll need to cover. Plus, any extra fuel will go back with the generator vs. when you have your own where you can save it for next time. Lastly, some vendors will make you pay for complex installations like load sharing generators and use exorbitant payment models like hourly rates.

4-No restrictions on Size or Different Power Demands

Buying your diesel generator allows you to select your size— one that will serve your different power needs; both low and high. Sometimes it is not easy getting the right rental generator for your needs when you need it, yet some of your demands are time conscious, and power failure is unpredictable. Owning your generator ensures you don’t experience delays waiting for backup power.

5-Safety for Homes in Areas Prone to Power Failures

Severe climates like floods, tornados, and hurricanes suffer frequent blackouts. If your area experiences these weather conditions, then a power outage is the next worst thing that can happen to you. Having a generator can help you power portable heaters or a furnace to warm up the entire family.

Coastal regions are prone to such climate conditions— so a diesel generator is a must-have. Plus, it needs to be set up correctly and on standby for emergencies instead of waiting for last-minute hires when severe seasons are around the corner. Though you’ll have to cater for maintenance costs, a purchase remains the most economical and safest solution for your case.

The few perks of a rental generator

  • Support Services— An excellent generator rental offers field support right to your doorstep. So it is a safer and faster remedy for if you know little about generators.
  • No Maintenance costs- Generators require maintenance from time to time depending on how much work they do. With rentals, you don’t have to worry about maintenance at all.
  • High-performance generators- rental companies work to ensure their customers are getting the best generators— industry latest models to provide convenience.
  • You get to test Before You Buy- some service providers agree to sell you rental generators under special terms. Or if you have been looking to buy one, a hire is an excellent way to test the model you’re eyeing before you make the purchase.

 The Verdict

Whether you buy or rent is your decision. But the choice should be determined by many factors including:

  • How often do you need the generator?
  • How stable is your power?
  • Do you have technicians who can monitor your generators, or are you willing to outsource one all the time?
  • How much harm can an outage do to your company’s bottom line?
  • Which decision is more economical for your business or home

Still, you will realize buying is cheaper.  But be sure to scrutinize your service provider if you have to go with rentals. Compare rates vs service quality, look for nearby suppliers so that you reduce time wastage due to long waits.

Wrapping Up

Backup power is a necessity you can’t ignore, don’t wait for a power cut only to start running up and down trying to make a desperate order. Late deliveries can be more harmful than helpful especially in cases where the demand is an emergency.


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