Time-Saving Tips For Busy Business Mommas

Should you be a business-owning momma, you will realise time isn’t always on your side. With the demands of both your personal life and your business life, you will be stretched on both sides. You may not give your children the attention they deserve, and there may be times when you don’t have the scope to fully pay attention to the important aspects of running a business, such as marketing and customer service.

Fear not, however, as there are ways you can save time in your business, meaning you will still get most of your work done in the day and have time to spend with your family. Consider the following tips, and implement them into your life today.

Tip #1: Don’t do everything

Running a business isn’t easy, especially if you are managing it on your own. There will be some tasks that you probably enjoy doing, such as chatting to your customers, and some you probably hate, such as sorting out your taxes. And even for those things you do enjoy doing, you may not have time to do everything yourself. To make your life easier, delegate some of your tasks to an outside company or freelancer. This will free up your valuable time to get on task with those business duties you are more proficient in.

Tip #2: Automate your business processes

You can streamline time-consuming tasks with automated software tools. So, rather than using spreadsheets to manage customer data, consider using a CRM database instead. You can find out more about that here, bpmonline.com/crm/what-is-crm-database. Rather than struggling with your accounts yourself, use dedicated financial software, such as QuickBooks. And rather than spend ages managing your social media marketing campaign, use HootSuite, which will automate your social media engagement across a range of networks. These are just some of the tools you could be using, but do your research online and find those tools that will streamline some of your most time-consuming tasks.

Tip #3: Say “no” once in a while

You want to grow your business and see it succeed, but if you are forever saying “yes” to everything, you won’t have the time to commit your best efforts to the tasks you have before you each day. You don’t need to take on every client that knocks at your door (metaphorically speaking), as you may be unable to give your existing client-base your best work if you do. You don’t need to attend every business meeting or industry event, especially if they hold no real value to the work you are doing. And you don’t need to be distracted by your friends on social media or on the phone when they try and pull you away from what you should be doing. When it comes to prioritising your time and commitments, the word “no” is paramount, as you will only overcommit yourself, lose focus, and add to your stress levels. On that last note, we do have some advice here, businessplusbaby.comhow-to-keep-from-getting-stressed, because your health really does need to be your number one concern, despite the needs of your business.


It tough being a parent and a business owner, but it’s not impossible to succeed as either. Follow the tips we have given you, and if you have any tips of your own for any other business mommas reading this article, then be sure to share your words of wisdom with us. Take care, and thanks for reading!

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