Improving Your Outlook: Creating Your First Resume Does Not Have to be Difficult

One of the most daunting tasks of job hunting is also one of the most important tasks any job seeker will have to do. In this day of high-speed internet in our pockets and HD graphics everywhere, the tried-and-true resume is still the most used tool for any job hunter out there. While the methods of delivery may have changed over time, the importance of getting your fine-tuned resume in the right hands is still of the utmost importance.

You Are Never Alone

We’ve all heard it from someone at sometime. The truth is, we are told we’re not alone so many times because we are truly never alone. Even when we are working on that dreaded resume for a new position or job, someone out there has our back.

One important thing to keep in mind throughout your whole job search is that those in charge of hiring are generally busy people with limited time and resources to find the right person. A resume template is the best way to give the person in charge all of the information they will need in an organized manner. Don’t try to reinvent the resume with a crazy design and layout, just keep things simple with a well-designed resume template. Let’s go over some tips as an introduction to creating a resume with a template to help you land that next job.

Keep It Simple, Seeker

Again, hiring managers and others in charge of hiring are busy people with limited time to weed out the good from the mounds of bad they receive all day. Keep this in mind as you write up sections and carefully choose wording to get to the point without losing effect. The key to remember here is that a resume should not be more than one page long.

Job descriptions are another place where resume writers can get a bit wordy. Instead of stretching out a job description to make it seem more important, use more action words to get a stronger effect. Thankfully, there are great action word lists out there that can help you find just the right words to make each description sound fresh and exciting.

Simple Does Not Mean Boring

While you need to keep things succinct on your resume, you also need to keep things engaging and stand out from the possibly hundreds of other resumes sitting in the same pile. This is where you can show off your creativity a little bit. The use of verbs will help keep the reader engaged, but a little flair can help you stand out. Many resume templates allow for a little splash of color in their design. This can be subtle yet effective. Another idea is to incorporate some of you into your resume. Editors and proofreaders can include sections corrected in red to lighten the mood, or include a short list of desired traits but relate them to something entirely different than the job.

When you’re creating your first resume, things can seem scary. Remember, using a resume template makes things much easier and gives you an organized way to present yourself to future employers. You got this, now go get it.

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