How to Keep from Getting Stressed as a Work from Home Mom

From the outside looking in, working from home should be a piece of cake. You get to wear whatever you want, set your own hours, and be there for your family when they need you most. Though these perks are true, working from home takes some getting used to. You end up needing to spend so many hours in the initial stages of growing a business, that sometimes it could seem like you see your family less.

Not to mention, with increased work hours that leaves less time for you to care for yourself. Eventually, some women end up feeling less accomplished than when they worked a 9 to 5. Some, become depressed while others become so inundated with responsibilities and the pressures to succeed that they start to feel overwhelmed.

Know the Signs of Stress

Stress comes with the territory of being a working parent. Whether you work in the office or from home, the constant battle of trying to find a work/life balance is difficult to deal with. Though some stress is to be anticipated, when it starts to get out of hand, you may notice things like:

  • Headaches

  • Body aches

  • Lack of energy

  • Weakened immune system (getting sick easier)

  • Changes in sex drive

  • Changes in social life

  • Resentment or distancing from your family

  • Self-medicating with drugs or alcohol

If you’ve noticed these signs of stress, it is imperative that you begin taking the proper measures to reduce these feelings before things get worse. For those who are suffering from drug or alcohol abuse, finding the right detox center is ultimately the first step towards recovery.

Keeping Stress to a Minimum

If you realize that working from home has brought with it an undue amount of stress, you need to start taking steps towards reducing it as much as possible. This doesn’t mean that you should go back to your 9 to 5, however, it does mean getting a clear understanding of what your stressors are and finding effective solutions. Below are some of the most common stresses of working from home and how you can keep it to a minimum:

Your Family is ALWAYS There – When you work from home the lines between work and personal life can blend quickly. If you have younger children, they’re always home with you, and you’ll also find that friends and family members will just pop up or call whenever because they believe you have the convenience to do as you please.

Set Boundaries – It is imperative to set boundaries. Set business hours and ask your family to honor those hours. Avoid answering your personal calls or emails unless there is an emergency. Lastly, consider enrolling your younger children in classes or programs for kids. Even if it’s an art class or summer camp for half the day, it gives you time to focus solely on work.

It Gets Lonely– In an office setting, you had the pleasure of being able to communicate with your coworkers. Whether you were talking about an assignment, what you did over the weekend, or exchanging recipes, it provided you with time to spend talking with others. Now that you’re working from home, communicating is less of an option and it can become depressing.

Get Out of the House – Social isolation is a huge problem for those who work from home. You need to get out of the house to break up the monotony of being indoors, alone all the time. Join a business networking group, go and do work at a local coffee shop, link up with your clients or colleagues on occasion for face-to-face communication.

Your Self Esteem Plummets – Wearing what you want has its perks, however, there is a thin line between wearing something comfortable and not caring about your wardrobe at all. When you’re in the house all day, you begin to feel like there’s nothing to get ready for and your personal appearance and self-esteem can suffer because of it.

Take Care of You – You have to be diligent about self-care now, more than ever. You should continue to get dressed every day, do your hair, and be mindful of your hygiene.

Working from home does have advantages – It allows you the opportunity to pursue your wildest dreams on terms that work best for you and your family. With that being said, there are still some burdens to bear when working from home. To ensure that you don’t burn out, it is imperative to recognize your areas of stress and do something about it such as the tips described above.

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