Employing Staff: Be The Boss You Always Wanted

One of the main signs that your business is going extremely well is the need to bring new members of staff onboard. These new employees will help take on the extra workload and will make it possible to grow and develop the business as organically as possible.

There’s just one concern that some entrepreneurs and business owners worry about when it comes to recruiting their first employees – they just aren’t sure they’ll be any good at managing them. Management is an acquired skill and new leaders might think that their skills aren’t quite up to scratch for new people on their team. Thankfully, though, being a good manager is something that can be learned and you should be able to easily pick up all the required knowledge and experience as you go along. There are just a few tips that could help you from the outset. Read on to find out more!

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Outsource Hiring And Recruitment

Once you do have your first members of staff, you will find that your role starts to completely change and you’ll be extremely busy. That’s because you will now have to look after these new employees and help them settle in and get on with their jobs. And that is all on top of doing your own work. So, when the time comes to increase the size of your team and bring in even more staff, you just might not have the time to dedicate to sifting through CVs and carrying out interviews. Don’t panic, though; you will be able to use the services of an HR recruitment agency which will make recruiting new employees a whole lot easier. You can outsource as much of the whole recruitment process as you’d like, making your life and business a lot better to manage!

Create A Family Atmosphere

Sure, most people go to work mainly for the paycheck at the end of the month. But there are some other perks of being in full-time employment too. Take the social advantages, for instance. I’m sure that most of your new employees will want to join your team to make friends and meet new people. So, it’s worth trying to create a family atmosphere in your office. This will be good for team building and will help everyone settle in very quickly. As well as encouraging everyone to get along, you might want to give your employees certain benefits, such as being able to bring their dog or baby to the office with them. This helps keep the atmosphere in the office light and friendly, and also ensures that your employees’ personal lives aren’t inconvenienced by having to go to work each day!

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Work On Your Communication

Once you are a boss, you will need to have impeccable communication skills. That’s because your workers will want to know exactly what is going on in the business, especially in their own department. So, you need to have a policy of transparency and open communication in place. Otherwise, you will find that your workers start to distrust you and rumors might start to fly around the office. As well as you being a good communicator, you also need to encourage your staff to be as well. For instance, it’s really worth encouraging all of your employees to give you any feedback whenever they see fit. Make sure there are various ways for your staff to reach out to you, such as through email, an instant messenger app, or a specialist communications platform such as Slack. You should also ensure that you have a friendly demeanor and are approachable so that your employees are never put off to come forward and talk to you about whatever may be on their mind.

Put Good Training In Place

It is also essential that, as an employer, you give your employees plenty of opportunities to take part in training and develop their skills within the workplace. As the business owner, you are responsible for all of your staff’s training, and letting your employees take time out of their jobs to further their skills really will benefit you and your company as a whole. There are various types of training that your employees can take, but the main ones to consider are job-specific types of training that will help them improve their daily work and team-building training that can help their collaborative efforts. Overall, the team-building training will help your company feel like more of a tight-knit team. Plus, it’s worth thinking of offering some onboarding training for the new hires you bring into the company. This type of training ensures that newbies get a good overview of how the company works and the part that they play in it all. It also ensures that they settle into their new position as soon as possible.

Be Decisive

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Do you always say that you are bad at making decisions? That needs to change and pronto! Once you have employees who work for you, you will be responsible for making the majority of decisions in the business. After all, you are leading the organization, and your workers will be looking to you for help and guidance. So, if you aren’t too hot when it comes to making decisions right now, this is something that you will have to work on. Just remember that the key to making the right decision in any situation is to be as informed as you can be.

Delegate According To People’s Strengths

Once you are in a position to be able to delegate jobs and responsibilities to your employees, you need to make sure that you do so in a way that everyone is given work according to their strengths and areas of expertise. That way, you are 100% sure that the best person for the job is working on it.

Once you follow all of these tips, you’ll find that you become a great manager and will be a real hit with your new team of employees. Good luck with it all!

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