5 Reasons For Managed WordPress Hosting For Business Websites

Creating your first business website can be very exciting. Whether you build it yourself or hire a developer to do it for you, just having a website is enough. You are happy it launched online successfully and people can visit it anytime. After this honeymoon period, business owners want more out of their website and web hosting. They want leads, traffic and sales. All of a sudden, your website isn’t loading fast enough or can’t handle all the traffic you’re attracting. Many of these issues can be solved by moving from regular hosting to managed wordpress hosting. In this post, we’ll cover the main reasons your business should consider managed wordpress hosting solutions.

Receive Premium Support For Your Website

As you learn more, managed WordPress hosting accounts come with premium support for your business website. Business owners understand that their website can impact their leads and sales dramatically. Especially if you are an online company, everything relies on your website working properly. You need to have a support team that is dedicated to your website in case anything goes wrong. If you don’t have developers or engineers in-house, then a managed support team could be the perfect way to learn more about the issue and solve it quickly. Since the support team would be dedicated to servicing WordPress sites specifically, you would get some of the best support possible for your website.

Custom Configurations On Servers For Speed

Secondly, a managed WordPress hosting has custom configurations that lead to higher speeds. Of course, your business website should be working as fast as possible. In these packages, the company can tweak server settings and configurations to optimize the speed of your website. These enhancements can include server level caching, resource administration or backend maintenance. When your business website is hosted on a server that is optimized for WordPress, the overall speed of the website will improve significantly.

Instant Scalability To Meet Your Website Needs

Additionally, switching to managed hosting for WordPress would offer the ability to scale at any time. In business, you can become a success or sensation overnight. You may have put weeks, months or years into that moment. With a managed hosting environment, your website will be ready and able to serve all the additional requests. The admins would allow the site to utilize more resources to scale to the traffic requirements. This could be a huge benefit if you business gets featured in the media and people start visiting all at once. The ability to scale your hosting is a great reason that managed WordPress hosting is a good option.

Keep Your Site Maintained On Day-To-Day Basis

While you run your business, a managed WordPress provider can take care of all the daily activities related to maintaining your website. Many managed hosts will ensure that your site gets backed up daily, its updates are installed and themes are working properly. This gives you peace of mind that your website technical functions are all taken care of. If something were to happen, you would have a back up of the site and the ability to restore to the last stable version in the database. It’s always great to have a backup for business. It’s one of the great reasons that managed WordPress hosts are worth the extra cost.

Bulk Up On WordPress Security

Due to managed WordPress hosts experience, they can offer higher end security practices specific to your website’s platform. Being open source, WordPress has had its fair share of vulnerabilities and risks to watch out for. With a managed host, you have more knowledge to protect your website. They typically run security checks for malware or malicious code. Also, they disable features or known risks where hackers have gotten into WordPress in the past. Moreover, they can watch out for any direct DDoS attacks on your site specifically. If you plan on taking your business website security seriously, a managed host can add more to your protection.

For businesses, WordPress managed hosting can make all the difference as a website grows. In the beginning, you can take advantage of the premium WordPress support. You will have an instant jump in speed and performance because of the custom configurations. Then, you can focus on driving more traffic to your website as the providers take care of scaling the resources and maintaining the site’s daily requirements. On top of that, they can help bulk up your WordPress security to keep your business online and safe. If your business can afford the additional cost to have a managed WordPress hosting package, you should strongly considers these reasons to sign up for these solutions.

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